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Bluetooth Selfie Stick Giveaway #qeselfiestick

Bluetooth Selfie Stick Giveaway #qeselfiestickExpires: 09-15-2015

(Black) Extendable Qe07-5 Selfie Stick
Cell Phone Holder with Bluetooth Technology
for Smartphones 

Technology is amazing. I thought for sure that I would hate using a Selfie Stick, but I was wrong. I'm surprised so many places are banning these things. My Extendable Qe07-5 Selfie Stick is light to carry and so small it fits easy in my purse so I can carry it with me all the time. I love that these things don't need batteries either!

My Extendable Qe07-5 Selfie Stick has a remote control that allow…

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WIN a FREE BionTek Magnetic Car Phone Holder #MagVent

Expires: 09-15-2015

WIN a FREE BionTek Magnetic Car Phone Holder #MagVentWIN a FREE BionTek Magnetic Car Phone Holder!

I LoVe my BionTek Magnetic Car Phone Holder! Easy to use for hands-free driving, especially when using my phone's GPS feature. It helps me stay within the new "laws" and guidelines for cellphone use in the car. It's easily adjustable even though the magnetic force is really strong and holds the phone very securely in place.

I received a complimentary one of these awesome cellphone holders in exchange for sharing my opinion about it. I think it's really cool, so cool in fact…

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Stuck deciding between specialty products, when your hair really needs it all? Interested in simply giving your hair some extra love? FRAMESI COLOR LOVER PRIMER 11 is your hair’s hero, the love of your life, protecting and caring for your hair, while preserving your unique color.

The FRAMESI COLOR LOVER line is formulated with a compound rich in quinoa, the ultimate source of all-natural plant proteins, to help you truly love your color up to 95% longer.

WIN a FREE bottle of FRAMESI COLOR LOVER #PRIMER11The ultimate…

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QUICK!!! WIN a FREE #TrashBagCinch ENTER NOW!!!

trash bag trashbag garbage cinchEXPIRES: 08/24/2015

WIN a FREE Trash Bag Cinch!

Anyone who uses garbage bags (trash can liners) in their kitchen or bathroom instantly can relate to the mess, frustration, and hassle when faced with a trash can filled with coffee grinds, spoiled left-overs, egg shells ... (you get the picture -- and know that smell) that have spilled all over the trash can because the trash liner caved in. What a mess!

I live with a house full of boys and I'm lucky if they make the can at all, lol! What bothers me the most is that none of them, fro…

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WIN a #MAGnetGunCaddy!

MAGnet Gun CaddyEXPIRES: 08/23/2015

The whole family packed up and took a trip out to our little hunting cottage a few weekends ago. We barely had room for any of the guns after packing everyone's things! As I loaded a few of the firearms securely in our vehicle it was obvious that they were going to roll around if we took turns sharply or made sudden stops.

In the past I would have wedged something heavy on each side to keep the guns from shuffling about, but that can be dangerous. Without a proper gun rack, sometimes, you can feel like you are left…

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How do you feel about #AthleticBlackSocks?

 Having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I am always looking for product that will improve my overall health and make mt life easier. The design and reported benefits these socks keep my feet free of sores and getting a bad smell when having an exacerbation. Fuego Co. is a new company that combines both scientific research with attractive visual designs to create products that provide value to the customers. I LOVE being at the forefront of scientific break-thrus!Contest Ends: 08/15/2015

WIN a FREE pair of Fuego Co. black edition Athletic Socks

I am so excited to share with you that Fuego Co. is introducing a black edition of the Athletic Socks in its crew socks product line. These black athletic socks are both fashionable and cushioned for extra comfort allowing them to be worn in both sporty and non-athletic settings. This allows even the most respectable business man (or woman) to go from day to night with little effort.

How do you feel about #AthleticBlackSocksFuego has found great success with the launch of their white Athlet…

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#BestStainRemoverEver Giveaway

VeryDirtyCarpets Spot and Stain Remover Giveaway VeryDirtyCarpets Spot and Stain Remover Giveaway

Some good friends of ours (who will remain nameless, to protect the GUILTY, lol!) had to move recently, and after we helped them to move we had to get their property ready for sale. The house was a wreck! We were sure that it was going to be easier and cheaper to knock this building down and rebuild it then spend even a moment cleaning it!

After scrubbing and scrubbing we finally tried a product called VeryDirtyCarpets Spot and Stain Remover. It was just AMAZING on a wide range of stai…

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Where Do the Missing Socks from the Dryer Go? #FuegoSocks

CONTEST ENDS: 08/15/2015

Athletic Crew Socks - Mens, Womens - No Falling Socks, No Blisters, No Stinky Feet!WIN a FREE pair of white Athletic Socks

Do you have a favorite pair of socks? I bet if you don't already, you will after you try #FuegoSocks!

I am one of those "barefoot girls", going without anything on my tootsies no mater what the weather or terrain. I've tried a ton of different products, nothing seems comfy, but I could wear Fuego Co. white Athletic Socks all the time!

Fuego Co. sent me a complimentary pair of their white Athletic Socks in return for my honest thoughts about them. I adore them! The Fuego Co. white edition Athletic Socks have silver content which eliminates feet odor, conduct sweat and keep feet dry. The socks seamless toe closure secures maximum softness and eliminates abrasion. Due to Y shaped deep heel pocket and elastic bands the socks do not slide down.How many socks do you have that came with a warranty? Fuego Co. is so confident you'll LOVE these elite performance crew socks, they…

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WIN a FREE copy of The Abduction of Nelly Don by Patrice Williams Marks

Contest Ends: 08/01/2015
The Abduction of Nelly Don
(Based on a True Story)
by Patrice Williams Marks

#TheAbductionofNellyDonLet me start this review by revealing a few things about myself; I received this ebook at no charge in return for my honest review, I abhor time pieces, and I have lived through the kidnapping (and safe return) of my oldest biological son. I started this story with a chip on my shoulder, a preconceived conclusion that I would dislike the book no matter what it was, I was wrong! I can assure you that even though this…

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#Doomsday Diaries Series #Giveaway - #Free Book


WIN a FREE Book from...
...the Doomsday Diaries Series!

Contest will run from July 21st - July 28th
...but YOU can ENTER EARLY!
Don't Wait! Enter Now!

Doomsday Diaries I by Aaron Powell
Doomsday Diaries II: New World Order by Aaron Powell
Doomsday Diaries III: Luke the Protector by Aaron Powell
Doomsday Diaries IV: Luke and the Lion by Aaron Powell

To be eligible to win this contest you must:

- Register YES at GoodReads and/or LEAVE A COMMENT on the DJ6ual: An Irish Girl’s Blog.
- LIKE Aaron Powell’s Facebook Fan Page.

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