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Daemon Theory by J. Alton Mast #inksmith

Daemon Theory by J. Alton Mast #inksmithMy favorite genre to watch, read, or talk about is post-apocalyptic, so; when I found Daemon Theory by J. Alton Mast, a postapocalyptic (armageddon) world ruled by demons, I became obsessed!

  • - The book is extremely detailed, but action packed, so you will not get bored!
  • - The characters are unique and well written.
  • - The plot is complex and twisted, but the not confusing.

I received a complimentary copy of Daemon Theory by J. Alton Mast in return for sharing my opinion of the book. I loved it, would read it again and would recommend it to friends, family, and YOU!

The First Impact. The day everything changed. The day humanity fell. Earth has been left in a state of disaster nearly five-hundred years after the rapture. And for more than five-hundred years, humanity has been forced to rebuild, atoning for their mistakes as a society and seeking aid from the only beings that would listen to their cries. Feeling as though the heavens had turned their back on them, humanity turned to the sentient beings of ****, living under the jurisdiction and dictation of High Arch-Daemons, known as the Black Order.

Maye Holloway, a young woman of barely seventeen, has been unwillingly thrust into the dark world of the Daemons who control her people, slowly learning their horrific secrets. Maye's sole desire is to break free of Daemonkind’s wretched hold on her soul, with her life intact. Though the fates have a different plan for the girl, and her monstrous partner, an enigmatic Arch-Demon with a questionable past of her own, Alecko vi Fenris. However, Alecko's motives are as vague as she is, and Maye begins to question who her biggest enemy is: The Order, Alecko, or herself.


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