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God's Eye by A.J. Scudiere (Griffyn Ink Publishing) #GodsEyeTheBook

GOD god GODS gods eye by aj AJ scudiere griffyn ink publishingGod's Eye by A.J. Scudiere
(Griffyn Ink Publishing)

Things you should know before you sit down to read this book:

  • - This book is a Romantic Paranormal Thriller.
  • - This book is NOT published by Christian publisher.
  • - The theme behind this book is "a battle between good and evil".
  • - The writing is strong, characters well developed, but it takes a minute for the story to get going.

There are consequences to the decisions we make in life. Katharine Geryon is about to learn that in a hard and uncomfortable way! Katharine was raised to follow in her father's footsteps, eventually stepping into power as a legacy of Light & Geryon. As a legacy that turns a blind eye to questionable business practices.

Having lived a comfortable life, Katharine was raised to believe appearances mattered above all else. Maybe that's why she found it so easy to keep her encounters with the two gorgeous and charismatic men that suddenly appeared into her life a private matter. That wouldn't last long, however; she would inevitably be called upon to choose.

As if she didn't have enough to sweep under the rug, peculiar and unwelcome manifestations begin in Katharine's home. She even finds piles of soot and ash on the floor and messages that appear on her mirror. A sheltered naive Katharine just can't handle all this alone!

I received my copy of God's Eye by A.J. Scudiere (Griffyn Ink Publishing) at no cost in return for writing a honest review about the story.

A demon . . .
Every soul he claims is another chance to advance.
Until he can walk among us, look like us, make us believe in him. 
The only thing holding him back is . . .

An angel. . .
The rules of the realm bind him from fighting
on the demon’s terms.  But this is his chance
to steal something away from the demon,
to steal the thing the demon wants most . . .

A woman who must choose . . .
A woman who has been chosen. 
Katharine is suddenly a pawn in a game
where the rules and the stakes are beyond her comprehension. 
She must take a side even though she can’t tell angel from demon.
And in the end, they will all be judged.

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