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Looking for the perfect gift for the man who has everything? #TheBookofGoat

the book of goatGoats have walked beside man since the dawn of time. But have you ever considered what they think? How they see the world, see us? Have you ever wondered about history through their weird, kinda creepy eyes? 

Well, now you need wonder no longer. Thanks to goat named Chippy all will be revealed. You shall know their history, their relationship with other animals and their religion. Painstakingly transcribed directly from the goat’s mouth by a man who is most likely suffering from a mental disorder. 

Chippy, Queen of the McDougal Farm tribe, shall enlighten you to a whole new world that has moved besides our own. Or someone is just playing an elaborate joke, but it’s here all the same. 


Finally man has discovered how to communicate with their brother's, the goat! lol! This book is an easy read, and worth the time for a good laugh! It's insightful tid-bits of knowledge are witty and well researched making learning fun!

This Com-Doc is told from the point of view of a goat. Allow me to repeat that for those of you who might not have gotten it, THIS COMEDY DOCUMENTARY IS TOLD FROM THE POV OF A GOAT, a goat named Chippie. Chippie speaks to the author, as he diligently records the history of Goats, and their interaction with man from the beginning of time. This ComDoc will explain how goats came to exist, how they first came across man, and how they adjusted to sharing Earth with man and the other creatures.

Benjamin Bautz is clearly a great talent as he cleverly hides this goat documentary behind the humor and quick wit of his character Chippie's story. With so many religious wars in the world today, what fun it was to read about Chippie's GOD. Bautz's research was so detailed, including, but not limited to; it's reference to The Tower of Babel, Sparta, later it's explanation of Noah,  and Genghis Khan it was like reading an accompaning religion/history novel, with a comedy twist!

 I received a free copy of The Book of Goat by Benjamin Bautz in exchange for sharing my unbiased and honest opinion with everyone. I would recommend this for a quick fun read, but ONLY if you're open-minded with a sense of humor.



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