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#TheShadowConstant by A.J. Scudiere

The Shadow Constant by A.J. ScudiereThis book contains adult subject matter; homosexual content (female/female), violence, attempted murder, murder, arson, kidnapping. It is also a realistic representation of Asperger's disease.

I am becoming a fast fan of A.J. Scudiere, but I think of everything I have read by her The Shadow Constant is by far my favorite thing I've read from her. I've been lucky, that the pieces I've enjoyed of her's thus far have been provided to me as complimentary gifts in exchange for sharing my opinions about the work, but I think this is one I'd buy a hard copy of to have around for the end of the world!

The settings, characters, and plot are so will written that A.J. Scudiere will make you feel, taste, and touch the words as the run thru your mind and settle into your soul.

Having a neurological disease myself, I am fascinated with characters who struggle with disorders. I am impressed with A.J. Scudiere's courage and bravado writing a character living with Asperger's. If you've never experienced life around the disabled the character of Kayla might be a good way to open your eyes. It's very easy to over-do-it when you struggle with a disability, it's also simple for people to underestimate those struggling to live with Asperger's Syndrome.

The suspense in this story grows as an undertow, sneaking up without notice. I'm scheduling a massage, but I think it might take more than one!

Someone is keeping watch over the machine. Should it ever have been built? 

The lure of the find behind the loose hearthstone at Hazelton House was too great. The schematic excited Evan, Reenie and Ivy for different reasons but it is Kayla who actually begins building it. Her ability to focus to the exclusion of all else is just one of the effects of her Asperger’s.

The scribbled initials E. W. were merely a curiosity until it’s discovered they belong to Eli Whitney. But strange footprints and disturbing visitors let Evan know that the theft of his sister’s prize schematic isn’t just a coincidence.

It becomes ovbious that the generator has no apparent power source. And Eli Whitney was only the first to die because of the machine.

Soon they realize their enemies are much bigger than they had imagined and 
the threat the device poses could topple an empire. The secret now threatens those at Hazleton House.

Who is trying to stop them?


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