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2012 Donald Trump for President

Yesterday, news leaked that “someone” had been gauging New Hampshire residents regarding a potential presidential run by Donald Trump. He denied commissioning the phone calls. But on this morning’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Trump admitted he’s “absolutely thinking about it.”

But the non-announcement announcement isn’t without some questions. Mediaite’s Steve Krakauer picks up on a discrepancy: despite Trump‘s claim that he’s considering such a run “for the first time in my life,” it’s really not the first time. “[He] seems to conveniently avoid the time in 1999 he was thinking about it too”:

He repeated a similar mantra, along with the foundations of a platform, on “Fox and Friends,“ including a distinction between ”free trade“ and ”unfair trade” and a line about America not being as great or respected as it used to be (Obama-esque?):

Just so we’re clear, he understands it would be “a big pay cut.”

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