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Charlie Sheen's Arrest Reveals Something Highly Personal

Charlie Sheen has a tattoo that says 'Back in 15 Min.' according to a Sheriff's report. Bad boy Charlie Sheen has the tattoos to go with the role, apparently.

The man who now stands accused of threatening his wife, Brooke Mueller, with a knife on Christmas Day, boasts no fewer than 10 tats, reports

The Web site got the info from a report made out by the Pitkin County Sheriff's Department after Sheen's arrest.

The report lists Sheen's tattoos on his arms, chest and ankles, including one that reads "Back in 15 Min." Another boasts a picture of Charlie Brown with "mom" in a word balloon, while others feature a burning Marlboro cigarette, a stingray and a baseball.

The Sheriff's documents also show that Sheen is in the process of removing four additional pieces of body art, including an open zipper with an eyeball popping out, a Yankees tattoo, a Japanese samurai and angel wings, according to

The actor used to have two other tats, but he had them removed some time back. One removal makes great sense: It bore the name of his ex-wife Denise Richards.

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