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Filmmaker Offers Refund to Anyone Who Doesn't Like His Film

Help Me Help You Dr. Ravi GodseFilmmaker Offers Refund to Anyone Who Doesn't Like His Film

Dr. Ravi Godse is on call nearly 24/7 as a top internal medicine specialist in Pittsburgh, but he so loves writing, directing and starring in movies that he wants other people to love them, too.

And he is so convinced you'll love his third independent film being released on DVD on Tuesday, "Help Me Help You," that he's offering a money-back guarantee and a personal, e-mailed apology if you don't.

"These days, we are too busy and the money's too tight," said Dr. Ravi, as he likes to be called in person and as the recurring character in his films. "That's why I thought the apology was heartfelt. It's like, 'I'm sorry, guys, that I couldn't entertain you.'"

Godse began making movies in 2004 and "Help Me Help You" is the first to see a limited release in theaters. It's being released on DVD by Monarch Home Entertainment and sold through Amazon and elsewhere, but Godse can only offer the money-back guarantee to customers who buy it directly from him at

Those who don't like the movie can request a refund by e-mail without having to explain why. "It's on the honor system," he said. (Continue reading this story).

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