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Gary Busey Guest Stars on Two and Half Men #CharlieSheen #Winning

Gary Busey Guest- Stars on Two and Half MenGary Busey Guest Stars on Two and Half Men #CharlieSheen #Winning  

"Two and a Half Men" isn't done making fun of Charlie Sheen. And it thinks Gary Busey may be a source of easy laughs, too.

After killing off Sheen's character, Charlie Harper, in this season's premiere, the show goes back to the well tonight as his brother, Alan (Jon Cryer), imitates the deceased. It's all part of his unhinged mourning process.

Alan checks into a mental hospital where he orders up booze and hookers, hangs up an imaginary phone, and declares himself "winning." He also has a new roommate: Busey. The former "Celebrity Rehab" participant plays himself.

Charlie SheenAnd because no joke is too cheap for "Two and a Half Men," there's a joke about Asian hookers being smaller than regular hookers.

In September, Sheen settled his lawsuit against his former bosses, including show co-creator Chuck Lorre, and offered good wishes to the show and his replacement, Ashton Kutcher. But he has since said he is "extremely disappointed" in the direction the show has taken.

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