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Jeff Conaway Snubbed in Emmy Tribute

Jeff ConawayJeff Conaway Snubbed in Emmy Tribute  

Who could forget Kenickie?  

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, apparently! During Sunday's Emmy Awards' "In Memoriam" montage, late "Grease" star Jeff Conaway was missing.  

Jeff ConawayThe "Taxi" actor passed away in May at age 60. He'd been hospitalized two weeks earlier for what was initially thought to be a prescription drug overdose, but it was later revealed that he was suffering from pneumonia and sepsis, a dangerous blood infection. He remained in a comatose state for over two weeks until his death. (Continue reading this story).  

I will admit that I didn't pay much attention to the Emmy Awards as I simultaneously was watching the WWE Night of Champions PPV and monitoring the Occupy Wall Street Protest Live Feed while it was playing on my television. I was really only interested in the Charlie Sheen presentation and gathering enough info to hold a vaguely intelligent conversation had I been asked my opinion on any of the events of the evening.   

Jeff ConawayI always do enjoy the Tribute segment of the show. This year was no different as they chose an appropriate song and performed it well above expectations. The only year the presentation ever got to me was when Jerry Orbach (1935-2004) passed, but then again I lived and breathed Law & Order back then so it was to be expected.  

Jeff ConawayGrowing up I used to worship the movie, and stage production of, Grease. I saw it in a Drive-In Theater as it was meant to be viewed. I watched the Broadway Cast live on stage when they came to our town. I played Rizzo, and was an understudy for Sandy, in my grade school play. I even had a huge crush on one of the boys in the cast when my High School did Grease, but I never once had the nerve to go and see it in person. All of that considered I have to admit that my favorite character, despite my teen obsession with John Travolta, was Kenickie.

I had forgotten that we lost Jeff Conaway, Kenickie, and so at first I saw no issue with the Emmy In Memoriam. Now that it has occurred to me that Jeff Conaway was left out it is quite disappointing. I really hope that the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences issues an apology. I would threaten not to watch next year but let's face it, I really wasn't watching this year! Still it would show a lot of class to see them do the right thing. Jeff Conaway was a brilliant talent that deserves recognition. He will always be adored and remembered fondly.

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