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The Charlie Sheen Comeback

Charlie Sheen Comeback New World Order Anger ManagementThe Charlie Sheen Comeback 

The wild and crazy actor has a new gig. He'll be starring in the FX sitcom, "Anger Management." The show is based on the 2003 movie starring Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Should everything go according to plan (never a guarantee with Sheen), the show will premiere next summer.

It's nice to see Charlie having a good day for once. I guess he finally is really "WINNING"! He deserves it too after all that he has endured.

Although alcohol and drug problems have always plagued Charlie, that was not the origin of his serious woes. Shortly after the tragedy of September 11 Charlie began asking questions. Questions that made a lot of people, important people, really nervous. Charlie wanted answers. He wanted them not just for himself but for the families of the victims and for the American people. It became a goal in Charlie's life to expose the truth behind 9/11 and he began touring colleges and various organized events to speak on the subject hoping to garner some support. It wasn't long before he found that support in a man named Alex Jones.

Charlie Sheen Alex JonesAlex is a famous, excuse me, infamous; radio talk show host, headline news anchor, journalist, editorialist, director, producer, film mogul, best selling author, and internet branded genius. The content identity names Alex operates under on the net are infowars and prison planet tv. Although the majority of the infowars listeners and fans are young, under 21, and/or enjoy the conspiracy overtone that Alex offers in all his media forms. Alex might not have been the best choice for Charlie to hitch his star to, but Charlie couldn't resist the lure of someone with such a large and devoted following who really believed in him. It also helped that Alex shared Charlie's questions, doubts,  and fears over the terrorist attacks and other historical events.

For lack of a better term, the New World Order Elite's took an interest in Charlie. They were NOT happy with the problems that he was causing. Now many people like to lump the idea/term New World Order Elite in with the other conspiracy stories so allow me to give you some alternative names that you may know them by and feel more comfortable with; The 1%, Illuminati, Shadow Government, Bilderberg Group, or many many other terms.

In what seemed like in a flash Charlie's life was systematically being disassembled right before his eyes. Even worse, he had no control and no way to stop it. His family was pulled away from him, his career threatened, he lost more money then some of us will make in our life times, and he began living with knowledge that at any moment the New World Order Elite's could take his life as well. Drugs and alcohol were friends to Charlie for awhile providing a temporary, but adequate escape, but Charlie knew he couldn't live like that forever. Charlie knew that wasn't living.

Charlie made the choice to fight back. New World Order Elite's be damned! Charlie knew the more he put himself out there, the more he spoke out, the bigger the target he made himself but at the same time the more press he got for being off kilter the less the New World Order Elite's would bother him in fear that they would be discovered. One guy pushing some agenda that looked cRaZy to the rest of America, and possibly the world, was much less of a threat then the highest paid sit-com star addressing large rooms of academics. Charlie knew just what to do, and that is when he hooked back up with his old pal Alex.

Charlie Sheen ObamaCharlie had already appeared on the infowars radio show in the past and he knew how much press a simple interview with Alex generated, but Charlie was looking for something BIG, something bigger than infowars had ever done before. Charlie wrote a mock transcript of a meeting with President Barack Obama that he imagined having in his head about the questions he had been talking about involving the 9/11 Terror Attacks. This was a scenario he had been planning and hoping for for a very very long time so it was fairly easy to get it all down on paper. Than he invited Alex out to his house to show him what he written. He knew this was going to be huge.

From there Alex and Charlie launched a "video contest" that offered incredible prizes the most impressive of which was a $10k 1st place payout for the film that best re-enacted the script written by Charlie. The response was monumental! Alex and Charlie spent so much time together reviewing the entries that they became close friends. Charlie even gave Alex his coveted "Wolverines" Jacket that a much younger Charlie Sheen wore in the movie Red Dawn. Alex couldn't stop bragging about it on the show.

Charlie Sheen Comeback New World Order Anger ManagementCharlie really thought things were going to get better. He had set himself up to be the "cRaZy" guy, and he believed that was enough. It was for awhile, but then a falling out with the cast and crew of his highly rated television show, Two and a Half Men, left Charlie feeling angry and unappreciated one day. We may never know if it was someone's connections, bad timing, or too much press but the New World Order Elite's once again made Charlie a target. On one side Charlie was forced to fight the enemy he could see, and on the other he was struggling to protect himself and the ones he loved from a force invisible to us all. Charlie had to come up with a new plan and he needed one quick.

Charlie had planned for everyone to see him as a nut bag but the problem was that he was seen as a hero. His time spent with Alex wasn't sabotaging people's opinion of his mental stability, it was inspiring people to seek the truth and question with boldness. Charlie was being taken seriously and ironically one of his life goals was within inches of being achieved and yet that was what was risking his life and lives of his children. Charlie needed to dial up the cRaZy!

Charlie Sheen Comeback New World Order Anger ManagementIt was a defiantly a roller-coaster ride that Charlie took us on. Over the next chapter in his life he would bring us The Goddesses, teach us about WINNING, and even encourage us to face our fear by drinking Tiger's Blood! It wasn't easy for Charlie, and it wasn't always a good time. The New World Order Elite's didn't forget about Charlie, but the more the press paid attention the less they did. Charlie pretty literally had to lose it all before it was safe for him to step out of the shadows and have a life once more. Charlie lost millions of dollars, his reputation, his job, his health, and at one point even his kids. The list is actually longer but I am sure you get the point.

Now Charlie seems to be back and uninhibited by the fears he once had about the New World Order Elite's power to destroy him. Some people feel like Charlie finally submitted to the will of the New World Order Elite's and is doing their bidding and so he has nothing to fear. Others think he has beaten the New World Order Elite's and so Charlie has no reason to be scared of what they could do, after-all he's already lived through it all! Whatever it is Charlie does seem to have the upper hand.

Charlie Sheen Comeback New World Order Anger ManagementAfter graciously wishing luck to his former co-star's and his replacement, Ashton Kutcher, at an awards show and bravely agreeing to be the butt of many raunchy and distasteful hilarious jokes on the Comedy Central Charlie Sheen Roast it seems that America and the rest of the world has forgiven many of Charlie's cRaZy antics. Regardless of all the planted "promo" reviews you may have read hyping up how great the new Two and a Half Men is anyone who has actually watched it can see that it is not going to be around very long if they don't get it together. It has to make Charlie feel good that they can't do it without him. Now that Charlie has landed this new show, Anger Management, it is going to be really embarrassing for his past employers if they get slammed in the ratings by Charlie's new show.

I really hope things continue going well for Charlie Sheen. It pains me that he is no longer out there using his fame and fortune for political issues, however I can see why he wouldn't want to whith all he had to go through. Only time will tell if the New World Order Elite's are really done with Charlie or if they are just laying low for awhile. In the meantime all I can really say is, Good Luck, Chuck!

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