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Charlie Sheen Hospitalized with Abdominal Pain

Charlie Sheen hospitalized with abdominal painCharlie Sheen's publicist says the actor has been hospitalized with severe abdominal pains. Publicist Stan Rosenfield gave no other details of the 45-year-old's condition.

Celebrity website was the first to report Sheen's hospitalization Thursday. TMZ says Sheen was taken by ambulance followi…

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CBS Stands by Charlie Sheen and His Hit Sitcom

This Jan. 28, 2009 file photo shows Charlie Sheen in Los Angeles....The top entertainment executive at CBS said Friday the network is concerned about Charlie Sheen's off-camera behavior but it hasn't affected his work as the star of television's most popular comedy.

"We have a high level of concern," said Nina Tassler, CBS entertainment president. "How can we not?"


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Actor Peter Fonda Finds Dead Body in Car

In this Aug. 21, 2007, file photo shows actor Peter Fonda who Los Angeles police have credited … Los Angeles police say actor Peter Fonda discovered a dead body in a car and they are investigating the death.

Sgt. Carlton Cook at the West Los Angeles Community Police Station says the "Easy Rider" actor called 911 on Wednesday after he spotted a car parked on the side of Sunset Boulevard. Cook say…

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Charlie Sheen Back in the News

Charlie Sheen Goes on Vegas BenderCharlie Sheen has beaten the odds and is back at work after Sheen had an "epic bender" in Las Vegas. reported the actor partied with not one but three porn stars and prompted worry that he would be a no-show on set.

His publicist confirmed to the Daily News that he is back on the "Two and a…

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Washington Post Eugene Robinson: Violent Rhetoric Comes Exclusively From The Right

Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson: Violent Rhetoric Comes Exclusively From The Right

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Montel Williams in Trouble for Medical Marijuana Drug Paraphernalia Used to Treat His Multiple Sclerosis MS

In a June 27, 2010 photo Montel Williams arrives at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards in Las Vegas. … Wisconsin authorities say former talk show host and medical marijuana activist Montel Williams has been cited for possession of drug paraphernalia at General Mitchell International Airport in Milwaukee.

The Milwaukee County sheriff's office says the Transportation Security Administration found Willia…

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Was Anna Nicole Smith this Generations Marilyn Monroe?

Okay, so the comparison of Marilyn Monroe to Anna Nicole is a little far fetched for some, but Marilyn had her Kennedy's and apparently Anna has her WikiLeaks.

Anna Nicole Smith may have been just a "B-list celebrity," but she hit the Bahamas like a hurricane, spreading scandals that toppled a strin…

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Charlie Sheen Investigation Is Still Ongoing - The New World Order Strikes Again

CHARLIE SHEEN, the 45-year-old American actor who is being accused of false imprisonment and harassment by the adult movie star CAPRI ANDERSON, is still being investigated by police despite reports that the case has been dropped. It was initially reported that the actor would not face charges for th…

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If the Science Guy passes out and nobody tweets it, did it happen?

Bill Nye Passes Out

Last night in front of an audience of hundreds at a presentation at the University of Southern California, TV personality Bill Nye — popularly known as the "Science Guy" — collapsed midsentence as he walked toward a podium. Early indications are that Nye is OK, but what's odd about the incident isn…

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Poop Politics

Bill Maher appeared on Tuesday’s “Countdown” with Keith Olbermann to talk about the election. So what happens when two liberals get together to lick their wounds? Terms such as “crack baby,“ ”nut bag,“ ”incestuous,“ and ”poop” get thrown around — the first describing voters, the second Tea Party…

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Top RNC Aide Resigns in Strong Protest of Michael Steele

Republican National Committee (RNC) political director Gentry Collins reportedly delivered a stinging four-page resignation letter Tuesday morning which included a harsh indictment of reigning chairman Michael Steele. The letter, obtained by Politico, lays out private details of internal proces…

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Chuck Norris Is The Big Man In The Czech Republic

Chuck NorrisChuck Norris - Tough man, Chuck Norris, is back in the public eye... well the Czech Republic's eye. He's been commissioned by T-Mobile to star in the ads over there hoping his star power will turn into dollar signs. We're just not sure if they're making fun of him:

“Halloo, Chuck Norris? Thees eez z…

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Tea party offers GOP a mixed bag

Tea Party Mixed Results(AP) - In its first major electoral test, the tea party proved its value to the Republican party Tuesday night -- mobilizing support and electing a new crop of political leaders. But the final results also placed some weaknesses of tea party candidates on full display.

The GOP won majority control of…

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Yeah, The Tea Party Won! Now What?

Yeah, The Tea Party Won!
Now What?

Not unlike Obama, the Tea Party candidates who are shuffling into office on an election high may be susceptible to the same roadblock appearances that Obama is having. If they are blocked from making the change they have promised the nation the end of the Tea Party…

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The Washington Monument Ploy (aka The Tactic For The Weak-Minded)


Progressives are in a full court press to convince Americans that anyone who is running on fiscal responsibility or cutting government spending is radical or racist or cold-hearted or...   Meh, whatever.

Police stations will be shut down, fire fighters will be laid-off, the dead w…

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Gov't seeks stay of 'Don't ask, don't tell' ruling

DonWASHINGTON – The Obama administration on Wednesday asked a federal appeals court to immediately suspend a judge's ruling that overturned the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy on gays.

The government says it wants the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit in San Francisco to take action …

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TV Anchor Laughs Uncontrollably at Diplomat Name On Air [ Dikshit ]

New Zealand TV host Paul Henry couldn’t contain himself when teasing an upcoming interview with an Indian official. Henry repeatedly laughed an cackled when talking about New Delhi’s chief minister, Sheila Dikshit. But some aren’t finding it funny.

Henry’s outburst enraged Indian offi…

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FBI seizes John Lennon's fingerprints in NYC

The FBI has seized a set of John Lennon's fingerprints from a Manhattan memorabilia shop.

U.S. agents removed the item on Wednesday from the store, called Gotta Have It!

The New York Times says the signed fingerprint card was made at a police station on May 8, 1976. It bears the name John Winston Ono …

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2012 Donald Trump for President

Yesterday, news leaked that “someone” had been gauging New Hampshire residents regarding a potential presidential run by Donald Trump. He denied commissioning the phone calls. But on this morning’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC, Trump admitted he’s “absolutely thinking about it.”

But the …

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