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trash bag trashbag garbage cinchEXPIRES: 08/24/2015

WIN a FREE Trash Bag Cinch!

Anyone who uses garbage bags (trash can liners) in their kitchen or bathroom instantly can relate to the mess, frustration, and hassle when faced with a trash can filled with coffee grinds, spoiled left-overs, egg shells ... (you get the picture -- and know that smell) that have spilled all over the trash can because the trash liner caved in. What a mess!

I live with a house full of boys and I'm lucky if they make the can at all, lol! What bothers me the most is that none of them, from age six to sixty, will pick up a bag that has collapsed into the can. They just pile on top of it!

The Trash Bag Cinch is the fastest, most effective way to keep trash bags from calling in the can. It will improve the appearance of your home or facility while saving time and money. Pays for itself quickly in labor savings alone! I know my back is thanking Trash Bag Cinch everyday since it arrived in my mailbox!

No more tying knots or clumsy rubber bands. Just Pinch-it, and Cinch-it. It's that easy. Works great on your kitchen garbage can too.  Works on any size waste can and with any type of trash liner - even drawstring bags. No more mess, no more hassle.

trash bag trashbag garbage cinchYour time is money. The Trash Bag Cinch™ simply makes dealing with the trash faster and easier. It also allows consumers to take advantage of a wider variety of trash bags by quickly and easily making them fit the trash can. Prior to the Trash Bag Cinch, many homemakers fed-up with the cave-ins, have defaulted to using much larger liners than needed, and draping the excess over the outside of the can and sometimes even taking the time to tie knots in the liner. There's no more need to do this any longer - the Cinch makes any bag (even drawstring bags) fit your trash can!

Even the largest Trash Bag manufacturers have listened to their customers and developed more expensive alternative liners designed to "cling" to the rim. If you've ever tried one of these you already know that in addition to the bags being more expensive, your trash can needs to be very close to the exact right size for the drawstring to stretch just the right amount over the rim. Furthermore, the softer plastic material that makes up the new drawstring to make it "stretch", is not as effective as the original drawstrings because of the additional friction associated with the softer plastic drawstring - making them harder to draw closed as a result.

trash bag trashbag garbage cinchWith the Trash Bag Cinch you can take advantage of the best price/value bags you can find, and the Cinch will take care of the cave-ins by making them fit securely around the rim of the can. I know dollar tree has those scented bags I never buy because they fall-in or blow away, but thanks to Trash Bag Cinch I can buy them now!

The Cinch has proven to be the fastest and most effective way to keep liners secured on waste containers by professional cleaners in a wide variety of industrial applications across the country and around the world. Building maintenance managers in hospitals, schools, large businesses, government buildings, etc., have found that not only is it the solution they've been looking for, to avoid the mess, but the Cinch has proven to pay for itself in a short period of time by providing labor savings and reduced liner usage.

WIN a FREE Trash Bag Cinch!

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trash bag trashbag garbage cinch


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