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Second-Half Champion Contest

Do you know a Second-Half Champion – someone past age 50 who has made significant contributions to society or achieved remarkable personal goals?  Someone whose second half of life has taken on a completely different purpose than the first half?

Second-Half Champions seeks to inspire others by identifying, recognizing and celebrating the remarkable achievements of those 50 and over.

 Nominate someone you think is a Second-Half Champion and you could win $500.

Nominate a Second-Half Champion. Someone who:

  • Is age 50 or older, and
  • Has achieved remarkable personal goals, or
  • Has made significant contributions to society, or
  • Is using the second half of his or her life for a purpose completely different from the first half

In 500 words or fewer, describe the achievements of your inspirational nominee. Be sure to tell us what he or she did in the first half of life and what makes the second half of their life so special and inspiring. We’ll select the nominations that illustrate the amazing things people are doing with their second-half “do-overs” and contact the nominators for more information. Please note:

  • Up to 100 Second-Half Champion honorees will receive $1000 awards; the people who submit nominations for those chosen to be Second-Half Champions will receive $500 awards.
  • The deadline for your nomination is January 31, 2010.
  • Winners will be notified by December 31, 2010.

Click here to nominate a champion.

I am not thrilled about the people running the contest, but really think I am going to nominate someone for this. I have a few people in mind, but I have not settled on anyone yet. I know in todays econemy all of us could use some extra cash and this seems like a very productive way to try and get some. I think more organizations should recognize our aging community members as productive members of our society. I encourage everyone to enter!

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