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Free Admission to #VeggieFest 2015

Veggie Fest Chicago 2015 Free Admission to Veggie Fest Chicago 2015

Veggie Fest Chicago 2015 festival will occur August 15 - 16, 2015 in Lisle, Illinois!

Veggie Fest Chicago 2015 will be holding its 10th year anniversary Vegetarian Festival this August for the first time on the campus of Benedictine University in Lisle, Illinois. This is a much larger space than the Science of Spirituality meditation center campus in Naperville, Illinois, where it was held the first 9-years. As one of the most popular festivals in Chicago and one of the largest Vegetarian and Vegan Food and Lifestyle Festivals in the country, this annual Chicago Festival attracts huge crowds from across the nation. The festival features an impressive array of creative Vegan and Vegetarian recipes.

The 10th annual Veggie Fest Chicago is anticipated to be the grandest festival so far, with an excess of 800 volunteers from around the world lending a helping hand in managing the fair. Last year Veggie Fest Chicago attracted an impressive 30,000+ attendees which is expected to be dwarfed by this year’s crowd. The festival will have well over a hundred vendor booths related to every facet of healthy living.

Veggie Fest Chicago 2015 With the recent incline towards vegan and vegetarian foods, the popularity of such festivals increases every year. One enthusiastic visitor to last year’s Veggie Fest Chicago festival exclaimed, “Absolutely love it! Such amazing food, such a loving crowd – it’s a very elevating experience to be here. I have been attending Veggie Fest Chicago since it’s genesis 10-years ago and am going this year as well.

With international vegetarian food demos from expert cooks and chefs, fun houses for the children, this festival aims to have something for everyone. Additional entertainment is provided by LIVE MUSIC from local Chicago musicians and bands.

Veggie Fest Chicago 2015

Veggie Fest Chicago encourages more people to attend the festival by offering free admission and parking facilities. The festival will last for two days, and will run from August 15th to the 16th, 11am to 8pm. During the festival, qualified international health, medicine and education professionals, authors, professors and more will be educating attendees on environmental issues, health, lifestyle and diet. The people in attendance can also take up the Vegetarian Challenge and go vegetarian for a 14-day period. Challengers are helped with recipes and other valuable information via email to accomplish this minor feat.

Veggie Fest Chicago 2015 Sponsored by the Science and Spirituality, the festival goes beyond food, fun and entertainment and also holds meditation classes and talks on spirituality for the attendees. Veggie Fest Chicago’s keynote speaker, the World Renowned Spiritual Master Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj will speak on both days from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. He will also hold an additional public talk and Initiation into meditation on the inner Light and Sound after the festival, Tuesday August 18, 7:00 pm in the main tent at the Veggie Fest Chicago 2015 grounds at Benedictine University campus in Lisle, Illinois.

The festival has also arranged a voluntary blood drive, right there at the festival, that allows attendees help the community with blood donations.


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