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A Few Simple Steps Can Make All the Difference

They don’t tell you anything when you get a diagnosis of MS. Most doctors don’t know anything about it so it is understandable, but far from acceptable. It took three severe exacerbations before someone told me not to eat oysters (they are full of zinc. Zinc is BAD for MS sufferers!). It took a while before I learned that extreme cold is just as devastating as extreme heat. Welcome to my wonderful day in Pittsburgh filled with a high of 10!

 My sleep patterns have been all over the place. I have been blaming the heater, but who really knows. I slept through Saturday only awakening long enough to eat a small diner then passing out again. It is needed so I cannot really complain.

 This is a new blog so I am dropping some traditions. Many people will be disappointed this year that I will not be publishing a “Reason, Season, Lifetime” edition. I usually do it every year and every year it gets me in trouble. I am feeling I hate more people then I like as of late so I figure it is safer to keep my opinions to myself.

 Following the news is frightening. Who knows where we are headed. Outlook does not look good. You can’t trust the people you once believed in. Even organizations you always believed where repitable are now filled with bad apples. It seems you can’t support a cause anymore without someone somewhere turning out to be an enemy in sheep’s clothing.

 Looks like it is almost time to go off the grid. As the day approaches it becomes more and more like an unrealistic goal. It would be so much easier if more people were willing to awaken to the dangers of the world today. It would be great if we could all work together. It is sad that in today’s world we all work against each other.


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