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Christmas is Cancelled

The kids left today. Off to Philly, or at least nearby there. Only the oldest boy is left at home with us. I didn’t buy any gifts this year. I didn’t hang one light. None of my doors are adorned with holly and my humble abode has not even the faint aroma of pine needles. This season should be holly jolly and yet I feel more stressed then ever.

 Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a royal bitch! Seems like there is a new pain every moment. I keep trying to trick myself into thinking it will get better, and it just might in the long run, but for now I feel like wallowing in self-ity. Time to increase the Bee Venom if I can ever shake this new flu I’ve contracted.

 I think I might sleep in tomorrow. The peace and quiet is a refreshing change. I almost miss the pitter patters. Not that I’d have it any other way.

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