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Power Down

Power Down

I am sure many have noticed the interruption in service of sorts here at DJ6ual: An Irish Girl’s Blog. This was no accident, it started out as a planned set of events meant to serve as a small “break” or “vacation”, but turned into a sudo off the grid living experience.

My first step in the breakdown…

Realizing that my carefully timed and executed political blog was becoming overwhelmed with freebie contests that few were participating in I ventured out in the sea of the net to find both a place to find somewhere I could publish my more “raw”, and possibly “offensive”, material so as to not offend and scare away readers and a better way to offer products to my readers without making the process so tedious and obscure. I got a few ideas from other places on how to handle posting contest reviews that I really hope my readers are going to enjoy, but I also found a great site for my political content at Before It’s News. This does not mean this blog has become irrelevant by any means, just that I will be adjusting, splitting up, where some of my posts are made. I believe it will be well worth it in the end.

Step two in the spiral…

I finally decided to learn Facebook. I planted myself in front of this Social Networking mecca and started to Like, Friend, Attend, and Share. It did not take as long as I thought to get the hang of how to use it, although I am still no expert, as it took to pry me away. I understand the addiction now. There is just so much to do there it seems never ending! Anyhow, 300 and growing friends later the next phase began.

In the darkness…

I awoke to a faint ringing of my phone. My phone does not usually ring; it speaks and tells me who is calling. I figured we must have had lost power in the night. I looked to the cable box for the time but it was just bars. I knew what was going on, my heart sank. I went to my computer and opened my browser, “No Connection”.  The cut off from the cyber world was complete.

Not just the internet. I had no phone or tv and the I do not order a newspaper of any kind. I do not carry a cell phone but I do have access to one for emergencies. All I could think was , Thank Goodness the kids are at their Grandparents house!

Offline living, is living, and it allows one to accomplish a lot but it also creates a feeling of losing touch. I am not looking forward to the technology blackouts that are coming. I recommend to everyone to take a day and cut off the internet, newspaper, phone and tv and try to get through, it’s better to practice now then later in a crisis.

I want to let you know while I am playing catch up I will get things rolling here again soon. Please SUBSCRIBE to one (or all) of the many RSS feeds to keep up on all the new posts that I am sure will be coming soon! Thank you for your patience.

* By the way, I am obviously back online now.

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