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Sleep Walking with Activities

Sleep Walking with Activities

 With the big snow storms and left over snow fall I am learning quickly that Multiple Sclerosis (MS) does not mix well with heaters. All I want to do is sleep all day and then at night I am in so much pain I just want to cry. I’m learning a lot of tips and tricks to make it through though but despite getting to sleep before midnight on Christmas I just want to go back to bed today.

 The abundance of “not so holly jolly news” swarming the wires this Christmas has us all on guard. When did such a beautiful time of year become so dangerous? Seems you can’t do anything or go anywhere without a terror attack, fabricated arrest, or the government stealing away more of your civil liberties. All I wanted for Christmas was my Constitution back but it appears I got an extension to the Patriot Act instead!

 Finally got around to watching “2012”. I expected it to be a lot better. There is so much they could’ve done with that movie but I guess Hollywood editing prevents much of the truth. All in all it was still worth the watch. I wish more people would take an interest in what the thought of the 2012 prophecies bring up. It doesn’t matter if you believe or not in the world ending on December 22, 2010, what matters is if any of the “theories” associated with 2012 could happen at all! Oh my, ignorance is bliss.

 My boycott of Christmas was not a total failure but I did receive and except a few gifts from family and friends. Our landlord dropped of a pretty light up Angel, I received a really nice watch and some neat bath items, Gift Cards and cash are always appreciated, and I even got some of the AS SEEN ON TV sand paper (Smooth Away) everyone has been laughing about that I wanted to try.

 I am still working on what format(s) will work best to bring all my Social Networking together. The page here is helping but I still am having issues linking all the blogs and using submission services. Soon the FREE TRIAL here on Viviti will expire and I need to decide if I want to invest into it. So far I really like it. I seem to be getting traffic (never as much as I’d like) but still few to no comments. We will see how it goes.

 I think I am going to take a break and a nap. Who knows I may post more if something else happens today. When you wake up to the world around you it is really easy to get overwhelmed and stressed. I think that is why I am so tired. Stress nowadays just puts me to sleep. It’s like having late onset narcolepsy.

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