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The World Put on Hold...

In the midst of of all the worlds chaos, I have a crisis of my own. I am sure my regular readers have noticed I have not been as active as usual. My daughter and best friend is in the hospital and may need surgery now. I am not at my computer as much as I would like to be in these historic and scary times. As many of you know I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS), but she is the reason I post so much information about HIV/Aids. Her current situation seems to be unrelated but you never know with a disease like this.

I want to encourage all my readers to please keep up with journalists and commentators like Alex Jones at and Glenn Beck at and because the world is changing and it is moving fast. New World Order is in the news everyday now and if you are a fan of Jack Van Impe you will see the Apocalypse around every corner. Please stay safe and be patient with me as I will be slow to post over the coming days and maybe weeks.

For thoses of you who enjoy the contests and reviews on this blog, be assured there are many more pending and these posts will be given the utmost priority.

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