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Bacteria Spreading in Warming Oceans

Warming OceansScientists: Bacteria Spreading in Warming Oceans

Warning: The warming of the world's oceans can cause serious illness and may cost millions of euros (dollars) in health care.

That is the alarm sounded in a paper released online Tuesday on the eve of a two-day conference in Brussels.

The 200-page paper is a synthesis of the findings of more than 100 projects funded by the European Union since 1998. It was produced by Project CLAMER, a collaboration of 17 European marine institutes.

Warming OceansThe paper says the rising temperature of ocean water is causing a proliferation of the Vibrio genus of bacteria, which can cause food poisoning, serious gastroenteritis, septicemia and cholera. (Continue reading this story).

Looks like the door is opening up for all kinds of new rights violations at the hands of Al Gore's pipe dream come true. It doesn't matter if you believe that the world is heating up anymore by the hands of history or humans, the effects are the same. Looks like we all might be starring in an episode of Stephen King's The Stand any day now.

Warming OceansSoon after the diseases, old and new, start showing up all over the world expect the Hospitals to start turning people away because of over crowding. Then the Center for Disease Control (CDC) will start trying to contain the chaos by moving infected people into FEMA Camps (Overflow Camps). If that isn't bad enough for you look to the TSA to be granted increased powers in order to control travel and the additional spread of disease. Further freedoms will disappear as what is left of America slides into Martial Law giving way to Government permissions to disarm the people and confiscate property for military "reasons".

Warming OceansNow at this time we will have already been well into the impending food shortage. New food production will be entirely halted because of the contaminated waters, except the steady and price controlled GMO food products produced by Monsanto. Cannibalism could make a come back as people find themselves starving and without hope.

Warming OceansLook, I don't believe humans or animals cause Global Warming/Climate Change. Leave all the links and proof you want, you are not going to change my mind, but I will be happy to read it all. I think that all of the "scientific evidence" proving Al Gore's theories is doctored and fabricated but if you want to believe in the fairytale more power to ya! Throwing all that aside the threat of illness spreading throughout the world because of warming waters is a very real danger that should concern us all.

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