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Can You Reverse Multiple Sclerosis?

How do you cure an incurable disease? Ask Kate Milliken. The 37-year-old New York City video producer was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis -- the autoimmune disease that causes everything from muscle weakness to complete paralysis -- three years ago. Today, she's better. And she has before-and-after MRI scans, as well as testimony from bigwig doctors at Mt. Sinai, to prove it.

Her story is controversial for several reasons. First, MS is considered by the medical community to be irreversible, so her claim gets dismissed as "power of positive thinking" nonsense.

Milliken credits an intensive traditional medical regime, combined with yoga, holistic vitamin treatments and a Japanese "Reiki" healer. But she does also firmly believe that the power of the mind played a major role. "I taped a piece of paper to my bedroom mirror that said: Reverse it," Milliken tells Marie Claire in the magazine's January issue. "I started repeating those words to myself a thousand times a day: Reverse it. Reverse it. Reverse it."

Talk like this isn't always welcome in the community of people who have the disease. "Once," Milliken says, "a woman who had suffered from multiple sclerosis for 30 years said to me from her wheelchair: Don't tell me to put a Post-it note on my mirror. Give me a break."

Click here to read her story and decide for yourself.

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