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Cash NOT Charge will NOT Solve the Obesity Problem for the Poor and Middle-Class

Food Stamp Card - Obama MoneyCash NOT Charge will NOT Solve the Obesity Problem for the Poor and Middle-Class

A new study, published in the Journal of Consumer Research, reveals one way to curtail the purchase of Junk Food when Grocery Shopping is to pay with cash, not credit or debit. (continue reading this story).

“Your food stamps will be stopped effective October 2011 because we received notice that you passed away. May God bless you. You may reapply if there is a change in your circumstances.” ~by Unknown

Cash or CreditWith the countries obesity rates skyrocketing and more and more families being forced on to food stamps everyday my wonder is if the invention of the EBT card is really a good thing? Perhaps there is a connection here. They may not call it an EBT card where you are from, but when you get food stamps the funds come on these cards that only work for purchasing food as apposed to cash which can be used for anything. While this cuts down on fraud, with the revelations in this new study I have to wonder if it is a healthy idea.

Food Stamp Card - Obama MoneyBefore Bill Clinton and his welfare reform laws TANF was AFDC and food stamps were issued as check instead of on a plastic faux credit/debit card. Sure it cost the taxpayers a bit more, and fraud was more prevalent, but the biggest obesity issues we were discussing were Monica Lewinsky! People who were on welfare could live day to day without taking handouts from ACORN and the Middle Class wasn't standing in line for their piece of the government cheese.

Food Stamp Card - Obama MoneyIf the government really wanted to help the poor they wouldn't have to do much. All the red tape and paperwork loopholes the system consists of now seems to keep the poor poor and the middle class poorer! The system no longer exists to help people, it is there to enslave them.

Ways to Improve the System:

1. Abolish the EBT Card and Return to Issuing Checks (Allow for Direct Deposit).
2. Streamline Paperwork (Online Applications w/NO Office Visit).
3. Allow for Savings Accounts, Car and Home Ownership, and Roommate Situations.
4. Provide Incentives for Weight Loss (Free Gym Membership).
5. Reward Family Values (Stop Penalizing Families where the Father is Still in the Picture and/or Working).

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