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General Knowledge on Multiple Sclerosis

Self-awareness on multiple sclerosis should be within our grasp and knowledge. This disease is one of the major contributor for disability. Let us dig in to the details and widen out our perspective on this devastating disease. Multiple sclerosis is a disease that targets or influences the brain and spinal cord.

The outcome would be the loss of balance, sensation, vision, and muscle control. This serious disease could impair you for the rest of your life. The nervous system is being destroyed by the body's own immune system because it mistakes the normal tissues as foreign substance to the body. It's like being cook on your own oil. With the nerves being attack, transmitting of impulses from the brain to other parts of the body would be ruined. This disrupts most function of the body. Multiple Sclerosis is hard to characterize because it is very unpredictable. It would depend on what area of the brain is affected. The probability of getting two people with the same multiple sclerosis behavior is very slim because of its uniqueness for each individual.

The cause of this disease is still unknown but some research points it to genetics, environment or a possible viral infection. Enumerated below are the most common symptoms that a person may experience.

  • Visual problems - Blurry vision, double vision, partial blindness and uncoordinated eye movement.
  • Sensory Nerves - burning feeling, diminish sense of touch, numbness.
  • Intestinal - Constipation and irregular Bowel Movement
  • Muscle coordination and other symptoms- Vertigo, difficulty maintaining balance, muscle pains, fatigue, tremor, awkward movements, unsteadiness and dizziness.
  • Mental impairment and Mood sway - loss of memory, poor judgment, depression and loss of ability to control emotion.
There is still no uniform treatment for multiple sclerosis. This is because of its erratic behavior. Inducing the patient with corticosteroids help in suppressing the immune system but it's not given for a long period because of the side effects. Without your immune system, you are very susceptible to other diseases. Other medications are also given to relieve some symptoms.

If the disease is not that severe, the patient can still maintain a dynamic lifestyle. They could still perform exercise such as swimming, running and walking. This could help them maintain their health. It's better if they are engaged in activities to prevent weakness for their body. They need to do it by themselves to increase their self-esteem. This could also prevent depression and self-pity. Maintaining and keeping a healthy lifestyle could slow the progression of this disease. They should have regular intake of vitamins and supplements to support their health. It is also necessary to avoid high temperatures since heat could aggravate the condition. People who have suffered disability would need a therapist for their rehabilitation. Family and friends should be there to support them. People with multiple sclerosis should be handled with care and love. Without this strength booster, succumbing to severe depression could ruin their life. It is best to make them feel wanted and normal.

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