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The Bird Flu is Returning - Vaccines to Follow

VaccinesBird flu was in decline -- but health officials warns that it appears to be on the rise again. The United Nations' Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) "urged heightened readiness and surveillance against a possible major resurgence" of the virus, which has crossed over from birds to infect 565 people and kill 331 of them since its appearance in 2003. (Continue reading this story).

This warning sounds to me like a set up to a push for new and improved vaccines. If you watch the news regularly, I am sure you have noticed the increase in stories about vaccine safety including claims of new research studies and scientific data that prove vaccines to be safe for everyone to take. At first I had chalked it up to the back-to-school scare tactics the media loves to bombard the Sheeple with every year at this time, and then this story was released.

Disaster Drills have increased across the nation as well, which wouldn't be alarming either being that it is Hurricane Season, but they have almost all included an element of people who are infected with a Highly Contagious Disease. With the Center for Disease Control (CDC) concentrating more on Zombie Attacks than REAL PROBLEMS we might be looking at a real life Stephen King Novel (Read or Watch, Stephen King's: The Stand).

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