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Women And Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple Sclerosis is a serious infliction, and there is still a lot that scientists don't know about the disease. What we do know this disease is that affects the central nervous system. When a patient has MS, their body attacks myelin levels. Myelin is a chemical that insulates the nerves. When this chemical is depleted, there is no insulation for the nervous system, which causes immense pain. Over time, MS can cause fatigue, vision loss, and interference with general everyday functions.

Women are more likely to be diagnosed with this neurology disease than men. In fact, women are twice as likely to be diagnosed with MS than men. Genetics are largely thought to be a factor in who is affected by multiple sclerosis, and women with MS seem to be more likely to have a gene variation that causes inflammation and damage to tissue. This gene variation is thought to be less likely in men then in women. It has also been studied whether or not the combination of smoking and oral contraception use can cause flair ups. No matter what the cause, it is clear that more women are being affected by MS, and at an alarming rate. Women may first experience a tingling sensation in their limbs, and general fatigue. In many cases, women are diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis soon after delivering a child, and it is thought that an increase in hormones causes symptoms of the disease to be more noticeable. Some sexual side effects are also thought to be the result of the disease.

If you, or a woman in your life has been diagnosed with MS, this is a sensitive time for everyone involved. Thankfully, there are treatment options specifically geared towards women battling this disease as well as help from many non profit groups. Sensitive, holistic care is available for women and men who need a helping hand dealing with the physical and emotional effects of this life altering disease.


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