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15 Days 'till New World Order

New World Order

This could be the most important thing you have ever seen or read. Don't be scared, be prepared. The spooky dude in the haunted house can't scare you if you know he is coming. You may not like Glenn Beck, or even know who he is, but this is an imperative message that concerns your safety. Share this everywhere! Email this to everyone you know! Be ready, The New World Order will be here in 15 days.

If everything you knew suddenly changed, what would you do? With the dollar losing it's value and the ever-increasing national debt- Are you prepared for what could be coming? Joining Glenn and a studio audience for the entire show are Damon Vickers, managing director of Nine Points Capital Partners and author of "The Day After the Dollar Crashes: A Survival Guide for the Rise of the New World Order", and 'The Athena Project' author Brad Thor. 

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