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Charlie Sheen Conspiracy

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen has come out swinging against Capri Anderson, who has accused him of choking her at The Plaza Hotel. We have been through these accusations and more before with Charlie Sheen. The New World Order Illuminati Elites are angry and will stop at nothing to bring Charlie Sheen down, even pay a hooker to lie.

Capri went on "Good Morning America" and claimed she's filing suit against Charlie because, among other things, he choked her. Capri, a porn star, denies she's a hooker. But Burg, who is also the Executive Producer of "Two and a Half Men," thinks otherwise.

They have already targeted Charlie Sheen's Career, and Personal Life, now it appears they are going to go after his check book.

Burg re-emphasizes that Capri never told police about any abuse, despite the fact that "she had every opportunity to do so."

Burg says she's concocting her latest story for money and vows Charlie will not pay a penny to settle with her.

Hopefully Charlie will stay strong and continue to fight the shadow government that has tried but failed to destroy him in the past.

Original Story at TMZ.

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