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Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura 2x01 Plum Island - Human Animal Experimentation

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura began its second season on Friday night with a subject that will make even the bravest person a little nervous.

Ventura and his team of investigators took on the task of seeing whether or not Plum Island - a biological testing facility off of the New York coast - was sinister and if we should be worried about it. When Ventura first starts out you see him and one of his team members on a boat, storming towards Plum Island with the coast guard not far behind. Being a former Governor and Navy Seal, Ventura wonders what they're hiding at Plum Island and frankly, so should you. People should be especially worried that the government wants to move Plum Island and all of it's germs into the heart of the Midwest : Kansas. That also happens to the be the middle of tornado alley. Can you imagine the implications if a tornado hit the labs? The germs would be spread everywhere.

Plum Island has been the topic of conspiracy theories for quite a while. Of course, any top secret government facility will cause people to wonder and assume the worst. However, Plum Island has had security breaches in the past. The curiosity over what they really do there shot up to a new level when two events happened.

The first thing to happen was the so called "Montauk Monster". This was the strange, scary looking animal that could not be identified as any species we have on our planet. It washed up on a beach not far from Plum Island and it's said that at least two others have washed up as well. The government acknowledges that the Plum Island lab does to testing and experiments with animals. So, was the Montauk Monster one of its subjects? Ventura wanted to know the answer.

The second and more scary incident happened in January of 2010. A man washed up on a beach not far from Plum Island with elongated fingers and scars on his body. Despite the freezing cold winter temperatures, the man was wearing shorts and a tank top, as if he had been kept somewhere and escaped. He was dead, obviously, but it was a very strange incident that prompted people to wonder if the Plum Island labs weren't testing on humans as well as animals. Scary thought, isn't it?

Ventura did a good job in this episode of getting the facts - or at least trying to get the facts as most people either wouldn't speak to him or wouldn't tell the truth. As always, he lets the viewers decide what to think. Is it a conspiracy or not? Either way, Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura is a show that should be watched and taken at face value. It may present some ideas that seem a little crazy, but more often than not, these ideas seem to be a lot more than just some old conspiracy theory.


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