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Ben & Jerry Gives Free Ice Cream to Wall Street Occupiers

Occupy Ice CreamI am a huge ice cream lover, but I will be thinking twice before I buy my next pint of Cherry Garcia! Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, a.k.a. Ben & Jerry, stopped by Wall Street Saturday to hand out frozen freebies to the freeloaders… er, I mean “protesters.”

Who knew occupation could be so delicious?

Seems like a lot of companies are trying to get a piece of free advertising out of this gig. Too bad these demonstrators are not known for having very big pocket books. Time will tell if it pays off!

h/t Buzzfeed

See? Occupy Wall Street is JUST like when freedom fighters from East Berlin risked their lives to make contact with the West — you know, smuggling in literature, music…  and some Chunky Monkey.

[via The Blaze]

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