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HAARP and Prophecy Incite Intense Earthquake Interest

The Internet rumor mill has been going crazy with assorted reports of an 8.4-magnitude earthquake in Libya, an impending New Madrid earthquake and, of course, a massive worldwide earthquake that will destroy the world and usher in the second coming of Christ.

Twitter posts have latched onto an earthquake that was registered by the National Institute for Earth Physics (INFP - Institutul National pentru Fizica Pamantului) but was not registered by other seismic agencies. The earthquake was taken off of the site, spurring a flurry of conspiracy theories. According to the website, The Truth Behind the Scenes, the INFP Chief, Gheorghe Marmureanu, stated that there was a device error and NOT an 8.4 magnitude quake in the area.

A device error would be a reasonable explanation why other agencies did not register a quake of that magnitude in the region. The United States Geological Survey has an automated system that sends out emails of earthquakes within minutes after they are registered. Occasionally earthquakes are deleted after review by seismologists but that is after the initial notifications have been sent out. I never received any notice from the USGS as I am on the email list and an 8.4 magnitude quake would have triggered an automatic notification.

In the case of a New Madrid earthquake, conspiracy theorists have posted online beliefs that HAARP--High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program--is being used to cause earthquakes and has been aimed at the Midwest where the New Madrid Seismic Zone is located. Per the HAARP website, HAARP's IRI (Ionospheric Research Instrument) is "a high power transmitter facility operating in the High Frequency (HF) range. The IRI will be used to temporarily excite a limited area of the ionosphere for scientific study."

The website Before It's News asserts that HAARP's use of the IRI will trigger an earthquake in the New Madrid region. The assertion is coupled with the fact that this past week, FEMA and other emergency organizations nationwide have participated in the National Level Exercise, which simulated a large magnitude quake in the New Madrid region.


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