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Shocking Government STD Human Experiments

GuatemalaShocking Government STD Human Experiments

From 1946-48, the U.S. Public Health Service and the Pan American Sanitary Bureau worked with several Guatemalan government agencies to do medical research — paid for by the U.S. government — that involved deliberately exposing people to sexually transmitted diseases. The researchers apparently were trying to see if penicillin, then relatively new, could prevent infections in the 1,300 people exposed to syphilis, gonorrhea or chancroid. Those infected included soldiers, prostitutes, prisoners and mental patients with syphilis. (Continue reading this story).

America will never learn her lesson on this one. We still continue to do this, only we consider it humane now because we ask for volunteers and compensate the poor saps desperate enough to show up with a few bucks and a sweet snack for their troubles. Almost as organized and clinical as the Blood Banks and Plasma Centers. On a big scale we run Human Experiments in the United States all the time, we just sugar coat it by calling the medications "vaccines" and it sells like hot cakes to all the Sheeple! But the Government is still keeping that one secret so, shhh!

Back on subject however, seven women with epilepsy, who were housed at Guatemala's Asilo de Alienados (Home for the Insane), were injected with syphilis below the back of the skull, a risky procedure. The researchers thought the new infection might somehow help cure epilepsy. The women each got bacterial meningitis, probably as a result of the unsterile injections, but were treated. The most disturbing details involved a female syphilis patient with an undisclosed terminal illness, possibly Multiple Sclerosis (MS). The researchers, curious to see the impact of an additional infection, infected her with gonorrhea in her eyes and elsewhere. Six months later she died.

President Barack Obama has reached out to Guatemala's president, Alvaro Colom, to apologize. He also ordered his bioethics commission to review the Guatemala experiments and their final report is due to be released sometime next month. I wonder how we plan to get out of this one?

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