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Teenager Claims She Was Raped at the Occupy Cleveland Protest #OWS

Occupy Ohio RapeThere’s some potentially tragic drama unfolding at “Occupy Cleveland,” as police are investigating a 19-year-old woman’s claim that she was raped inside of a tent on Saturday.

The teenager at the center of the scandal attends Summit Academy in Parma, Ohio — a school for young people who have Attention Deficit Disorder, Autism and hyperactivity, among other educational disabilities.

After she told a teacher about the incident, police were informed and an investigation commenced. Following the girl’s statements, she was also taken to an emergency room and a rape kit and examination were administered.

She apparently alleges that “rally personnel” at Occupy Cleveland told her to share a tent with the suspect, as there was a shortage of sleeping space for the occupants. So, the girl got into the tent with a man (she claims his name is “Leland”) and went to sleep. Later, she says she woke up and the man was molesting her.

Erin McCardle, the spokesperson for the local movement, read an on-camera statement after she saw a police report that documented the purported occurrence. “This is a very serious allegation and we are cooperating with the Cleveland Police Department to find out what actually occurred,” she said. (Watch Video).

Organizers of Occupy Cleveland claim that tent “assignments” are not made and that no one is familiar with the victim or the alleged perpetrator. McCardle made this fact clear in addressing the incident. ”We do not tent people by direction. Everyone chooses who to tent with,” she said. “We provide the tents donated by the community.”

Organizer Rebecca Hawkins mirrored these statements. ”We are a community group, we do not have leaders, we are a leaderless movement,” Hawkins said. “So your [tent] assignment would be your own choice of what you wanted to do.”

These allegations in Cleveland come at the same time that a convicted felon believed to be a part of the Occupy Seattle protests was arrested for having a shotgun in his bag (police do not believe he was a threat to anyone, though). While he was not accused of threatening anyone, felons are not allowed to possess firearms.

In a separate incident, Seattle police have arrested a man suspected of exposing himself numerous times to children at or around the protests. (Continue reading this story).

To be fair, in a gathering this expansive and diverse there is sure to be some bad eggs. Still this is a serious issue, or group of issues, and should be addressed immediately. I might not support the Occupy Movements but I would find it a great travesty to see it taken down by the actions of a few that didn't want to play by the rules. We can only hope the occupiers feel the same.

Occupy Pittsburgh Days of Rage Pgh ProtestIn general the movement here in Pittsburgh has been much tamer than many of the rest. Hopefully it will remain and example for the demonstrators moving forward. Heading into the winter months now we will see how much lasting power the flag ship Occupy Wall Street movement and it's off-shoots really have.

[via The Blaze]

Why October 2011 Will Lead to the American Fall - Looks like October 2011 is going to be jammed packed with Revolutions all over the place! People who feel left behind by the spontaneous and disorganized movements of the past will be looking to participate in something and have their voices heard. Desperate times and frustrated people will be easy to both rally for a cause and manipulate for personal gain. The United States is long over due for a Revolution, but it's up to you to decide if any of these are going to do any good for the countries future.

Do you support the #OWS #OccupyWallSt [] Stop the Machine! Create a New World! Movement?
[Take the Poll by Clicking Here and Scrolling Down to the Question]

The ACORN, Obama, George Soros, #OWS #OccupyWallSt Connection (Timeline) - What if a corrupt far left billionaire got together with a corrupt but effective grassroots group in an effort to radically change America? That's exactly what's happening between George Soros and ACORN. Think of ACORN as instruments of George Soros grand plan. Soros wants to elect far left candidates, pass universal health care, props up the unions among many liberal ideological goals. Think of ACORN is the tool of implementation of his ideology, or at least a tool. On top of this, every policy which Soros uses ACORN to implement also helps President Obama. That's the stakes in this unholy alliance.

Occupy Wall Street Days of Rage Bank Transfer Day Global ChangeOccupy Wall Street Movement's Run On the Banks - Protestors are calling the event "Bank Transfer Day" and are encouraging people nationwide to participate November 5.

Are You Ready for the United for Global Change Movement? #OWS #GlobalChange - After scattered popular demonstrations around the world, protesters are planning the next step: This time, it’s a global movement for change, set to kick off Saturday, Oct. 15.

Occupy Wall Street is NOT Woodstock - One thing we can say for sure is that "Occupy Wall Street is No Woodstock" no matter what the mainstream media might want you to believe. As the situation in and around Zuccotti Park where the demonstrators have setup shop continues to deteriorate, as sanitary conditions teamed with the personal actions of the protesters appear to be eclipsing the political gathering’s original push for a more “equitable” society. Clearly these people have no clue what "commune living" really is.

Making Sure #OWS Stop the Machine Create a New World October2011 has No Excuses! - According to the #OccupyWallStreet Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October2011 Movement web page their intention is to organize a gathering of people who support PEACE and SOCIAL, ECONOMIC and ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE. Furthermore, they intend to remain in Washington, D.C. as a UNIFIED PRESENCE. It has become more and more obvious as they [] release information that they have no interest in PEACE.
Occupy DC Day of Rage
ObamACORN + #October2011 = Armageddon??? - October 2011 is the 10th anniversary of the invasion of Afghanistan and the beginning of the 2012 federal austerity budget. On October 6th, 2011 a concert, rally and protest will kick off a powerful and sustained George Soros funded resistance to both commemorate these events and cause civil unrest on the streets of America meant to crumble Washington D.C. and bring the United States as we know it to its knees. If this action is allowed to succeed, it will be the open door the New World Order has been waiting for.

Examining the Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October2011 Movements Core Issues - These are the core issues identified by the October2011 (#October2011) Movement steering committee. They claim this “list” is meant to get a conversation started, and so we thought we would take them up on their offer to start talking.

Radicals Plan ‘Cairo-Style‘ Occupation of ’Freedom Plaza’ in Washington, DC - A coalition of groups is set to launch a protest with a goal of shutting down the U.S. government. These tactics will be familiar to those who remember the protest plans of SEIU’s Stephen Lerner and his plans to “swarm” Wall Street to the point of bringing down the stock market.

Who will be attending this FREE Concert / March / Protest and where are they getting their Funding??? - If you are planning, or even just thinking about, attending the Stop the Machine! Create a New World! Concert/Rally/Protest on October 6th, 2011 then you should better know who it is that you are getting involved with. You may have previously heard the idiom Politics make Strange Bedfellows, meaning that people who would normally dislike and avoid one another will work together if they think it is politically useful to do so. If that is really all that is going on here then this whole thing just might work, but let’s face the facts, the chances of that being the true agenda of this situation is slim to none. Still, it is up to you to make that choice for yourself.
Occupy DC Day of Rage
The Who, What, Where, & Why about the #OWS Protests - There comes a time when efforts to avoid the truth begin to fail, when one can no longer go about daily life and pretend that all is okay. If you are like most of people, you are experiencing this. You are also experiencing confusion. How many times have you found yourself supporting a cause by hitting the LIKE button on Facebook or sending in a dollar or two using PayPal, because it sounded like the right thing to do, but then all of a sudden it became clear that the cause you were innocently championing was not anything you thought it was?  Don't worry, you're not alone.

Van Jones Warns America ‘Hold On to Your Seats’ Because ‘The Progressive Fight Back’ is Coming In October!

The Simple Truth About Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October2011 - The Stop the Machine! Create a New World! October2011 Movement says They Stand With the Majority of Americans Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed. They have laid out their plan, and this is a summary of what they claim to be about.

We Live in a Republic, NOT a Democracy! - Are you an American, or just a person living in America? The United States political figures and the mainstream media loves to throw around the word Democracy as if it is the biggest gift under the Christmas tree. The problem with this is that most Americans just assume Democracy is a wonderful concept, they have been trained to think this though indoctrination, and they never stop to think how Democracy works inside the border of the great super power of America.

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