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Another HIV Cure Found Today - Stem Cell Research

Does it bother anyone else that they cure devastating diseases like HIV/Aids everyday in this world and then withhold these cures and treatments from the general public? I don't know about you, but if I have a disease that is going to "kill" me I might want to take a risky chance to get rid of it. That should be my choice. Instead it is the choice of the pharmaceutical companies that make a lot of money off my suffering. Don't believe me? Let me tell you a story boys and girls...

Once upon a time in Africa a teenage boy named Timmone took an HIV test. They told him he was positive and he would need to go stand in line to get some medication for his HIV. In Africa to HIV you have to have "2 Dots" to be HIV positive on your test. It is the same test we use all around the world.

Timmone was sad and stumbled over to get in line, only he got into the wrong line. It was the Red Cross line and the next thing you know he was whisked away to Australia where to be granted entry into the country he would have to take another HIV test. Timmone was nervous because he knew he was positive but he missed his home so he was ready for whatever they did to him.

Timmone took the test in Australia and they told him "Congratulations Timmone you do not have HIV welcome to Australia!" How could that be thought Timmone, he was positive in Africa. You see Africa you need "2 Dots" to be Positive and in Australia You need "4 dots".

This story could continue but I am sure by now you get the point. Canada, Mexico, China, even every state in the US has different criteria. Sure they all use the same test but that does not do any good if the criteria y which it is measured is so crappy.

Out of all the autoimmune diseases I think HIV is the one that pisses me off the most. I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and in essence it seems to be the exact opposite of HIV many ways. I just cannot understand a lot of the stupid mistakes the medical community have made with HIV and I do not like the stereotypes that surround the disease.

So many people over the years have found a "cure" for HIV/Aids and then it seems those people mysteriously die or disappear. Or they are silenced. The governments around the world just get entirely to much money to keep this virus living and thriving in our communities. And now it is attacking our African-American communities with strains that have grown so strong they kill before they can even be treated at all. It just keeps getting sadder and sadder.

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