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EXCLUSIVE: President Barack Obama Will Only Serve One Term

EXCLUSIVE: President Barack Obama Will Only Serve One Term

Obama QuitsOkay, so for many of us this may only be a pipe dream story but the facts are getting more and more clear that Obama will not run for another term.

President Obama was elected President in 2008. Since that time he has had very high highs and very low lows. Now with republicans dominating the house and approval ratings slipping away it looks like President Obama will be giving up on America after just one term.

It was a confusing time in American politics when Obama took the lead. He was a charismatic figure that many struggling Americans felt that they could relate to. Only having been elected to the Senate in 2004 it was believed he may not have the experience needed to run the country. As we can see now he just wasn't ready for such an important job.

None the less the American people were tired of the Bush administration in 2008 and Obama made a lot of promises. The American people had great expectations that he would turn the country around, now that responsibility seems to rest on the shoulders of the Tea Party..

Obama One Term PresidentObama's life story was a big help in getting him elected. He probably was as surprised as everyone else that he was elected. His time in office has put a great strain on Obama. His hair graying and now his wife fed up with playing the role of the first lady Obama is feeling the pressure to step down.

President Obama's 2008 campaign manager says his former boss is "not concerned with his reelection." Usually a politician wants to hang onto the power of being president. Their campaigns are planned years in advance. Not President Obama.

President Obama and the present administration have lost support from the American people. Since President Obama took, office things have gotten steadily worse. Businesses are still closing, unemployment is on the rise and more people are losing their homes. These are all things that President Obama said he would stop when he became President.

Obama Gives Up on AmericaThe Health Care bill was put through against the wishes of the majority of the American people and will most likely make things worse for many. People just cannot afford Obama's plan and it looks now that it will be repealed.

Almost everything President Obama does now seems to suggest that he does not care about being reelected. It is very strange that he may just want to be a one-term president. He is doing several things that are alienating the American people. His intervention on the "Ground Zero mosque" issue is a good example. There was no need for him to get involved. The Islamic community center is to be two blocks from the 9/11 site. It is unlikely it will get built. All President Obama did was upset a lot of people and did not do much for his popularity. What his words lacked was any empathy with what Americans felt about the center, pro or con.

Later this month when Obama addresses the nation it is strongly believed that he will be announcing his intention not to run for a second term.

Do you think Obama will run for another term?
Has Obama done a good job so far?
If Obama does run, who could beat him in the 2012 Presidential race?

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