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Has Google Privacy Invasion Gone Too Far?

Google+Has Google's Privacy Invasion Gone Too Far?

Did you try to use a fake name when creating your Google+ account?

It’s only normal; many people use pseudonyms on social media sites to protect some of their personal information. If you tried this, you know Google cracked down on the practice. But why does Google want your real name so much? (Continue reading this story).

It is becoming less and less possible to be anonymous on the web. I have never cared much about my "privacy". I resigned myself to being a public figure back in the days when I still had the body to model and the patience to work in television. When my calling moved my presence to radio interviews and the printed word I was still never under any illusions that I could walk through life never being recognized, sought out, or searched for even if my fan base was only as large as a goldfish bowl at the county fair. Still, I never thought in my wildest fantasies that the fan/stalker I would need to one day out run would be a glorified search engine!

Obviously those of us who have chosen to continue to indulge in Social Media like; Google+, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and the like are already listed on so many no fly no buy lists we don't care anymore, are pre-teen/teenagers, or are ignorant to the truth of the situation be it by circumstance or choice. Ahhhh, ignorance is bliss! You would think privacy wouldn't matter to us fools anymore, and yet I am still angered every time I hear about the 101 ways the system is looking to pry their eyes into my windows. Maybe I am the ignorant one but even with the exposure I have chosen to allow myself to be open to I still feel entitled to close my drapes at night and sleep with no clothes on!

I know I am hypocrite. Anyone with half naked pictures of themselves posted up on Adult Space, who then complains about the TSA scanners at the Airport taking suggestive x-ray scans of them is a poster child for the hypocrisy movement, and I fit that bill. Maybe you are hypocrite to, or as pure as the freshly fallen (yeah right, you know it's been driven over until it's black!) snow, but how do you feel about your right to privacy being taken advantage of like this?

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