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Jumping to Conclusions

Jumping to Conclusions

donWhat does Reality TV, Shock Jock Talk Shows (i.e. Jerry Springer), and Political News/Opinion/Ads have in common? They all exist because people love to be scared and surprised, but there is more then that. Everyone loves a little gossip, even the good girls who show up to church every Sunday morning, and all these programs love to sling the mud that all of us watching seem to crave.

The problem is that even shows, articles, or radio programs that participate in this, now national past time, conveniently take things out of context, omit facts from the overall story, and/or even intentionally mislead the audience into believing they are telling you all you need to know. It is often a lie, but how would you know? After all your trusted host told you it was true. They told you to do your own research. They may have even told you to think back to a time a similar situation happened in your own life. All techniques charlatans and fake psychics have used for years.

Before you get your feathers riled up, understand I am not singling any one person or personality out. I just want people to stop and look before they leap.

If a commercial tells you not to vote for Jonny James because he is a secret homosexual who wants to kill gays but owns six gay bars take a minute to think about that. Does that make any sense?

If you or anyone you know owns property that they rent for commercial or other purposes they will tell you that law prohibits them from not renting to qualified renters based on race, gender or sexual preference. Now that you know that let me ask you some more questions. If your income was dependant on renting out your property and you found out the renters were democrats, but you were republican, would you kick them out? Could you? What if you were running for president or other political office? Now think about Johnny James again. Is the people he rents property too, most likely people he has never met and were chosen by an independent property management company, really a reason to question his beliefs? He may be right or he may be wrong about commentary or values when it comes to Gay Rights but does his renters really represent any portion of his views? Of course not. Jonny Jones should be voted on based on his record and not something over which he has no control.

Let’s meet the fictional character Judy Joslin. Judy is a democrat running for office and supports privatizing a small portion of Social Security. Her republican counterpart releases an ad saying Judy Joslin wants to repeal Social Security and gamble all the money left in the Social Security Fund on the back of the ACME Co. Is the ad true? No. How would you know that? The ad features clips of people asking Judy Joslin if she would privatize Social Security and her responding “Yes”, so unless you really looked hard how would you ever know the other side was lying?

Just because someone tells you something is true doesn’t mean it is the whole story. When someone challenges you to do your own research you’d better be sure you should before you come to a conclusion. Understand that when you listen to another persons opinion, it is just that, an opinion. Don’t be one of the sheeple, be you.

What networks, publications, shows, or other sources of media do believe are the guiltiest of reporting in this manner?

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