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Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-Day

Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts
for this Thursday is Fry-Day

Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-DayIt’s almost the weekend and that means it can be really easy to “Fry” what is left of your brain cells! That is why, with a little help from my Futurama friend Mr. Peppy, we have scoured the web to bring you some Links that we LoVe and we know you will too! Fry did say that, “Mr. Peppy’s a lover, not a fighter — like Dwayne ‘The Rock’ ‘The Tooth Fairy’ Johnson!” so you know he must have plenty of the good stuff to spread around!

75 Ways to Increase Your Site’s Traffic - If you’re a blogger, or website owner, one day you’re going to want to increase your blog traffic. You might even search all over the web for great ways to generate or increase your traffic. You will find a million and one sites out there with GREAT ideas, but this has become one of our favorites! As a matter of fact, #45 was even the inspiration for our "Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-Day" posts! A few links are old, or even broken, but all the ideas are still fresh and new and will give you some really cool ideas worth implementing.

Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-DayOpit's LinkFest! - You could literally spend hours clicking on this site! Now yes, I am a little partial, being that my links show up here more often than not, but besides that there are a ton of things to look at. News, politics, and anything and everything on the war that they aren't telling you! Sure there are some things here that will offend you if you’re a conservative and at times democrats might try to rip the page down but in the end it reflects a good dose of both truth and opinion and The TRUTH HAS NO AGENDA!

Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-DayThe Stupid Knews - Your #1 Source For Stupid News! Updated Daily! When the world gets to be just a little too much, what a better way to blow off some steam then to indulge in some silly and stupid. You will find all kinds of mindless entertainment from videos to images and even articles, yes people really do write this stuff down, and let’s face it we can all use some humor from time to time!

MRI of Multiple Sclerosis - Okay, so this is not going to interest everyone, but for those of us with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) it is a rare look into what the doctor sees that makes them so sure we are as ill as they say. The video shows the contrast of white matter in the brain of a MS patient. This is not something many physicians share with their patients. Better than the simple video it the discussion areas / comments below. You may learn a lot, or nothing at all, but when you suffer with this disease any amount of knowledge is power.

Check Out My Futurama Friend Mr. Peppy
The Vegetarian Bone Vampire’s Futurama Episode
Futurama- Season 6, Episode 22 - "Fry am the Egg Man"

Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-DayMr. Peppy is a Bone Vampire, who was Fry's pet for a brief period in 3011. Fry discovered him as a fertile egg at the Local Group Farmer's Market, which he decided to nurse until it hatched. When Mr. Peppy eventually hatched, the crew discovered that it was a bone vampire, an alien known to suck out the bones of creatures, leaving the flesh behind. As it was clear that Mr. Peppy was dangerous and, further, could reproduce asexually, the crew decided it would be best to release the creature back into the wild. On his species' planet of origin, the crew discovers that the bone vampires have been hunted to extinction by the local farmers whose livestock they have almost wiped out. After an unsuccessful attempt to kill Mr. Peppy, the locals realize that due to their current overpopulation of livestock, Mr. Peppy might instead be useful to them and thus his life is spared.

The Futurama App is Here!
Download the new Futurama iPhone App and you can create your own Head in a Jar.

“So, who’s hungry?’ – Bender
“I could stuff myself.” – Fry
“I’ll use that free app that tells you what restaurants you’re near.” – Leela
“You mean the window?” – Fry
“… yes.” – Leela

Mr. Peppy’s Link LoVe Posts for this Thursday is Fry-DayIf you absolutely, positively need something delivered in the universe, get somebody else. Otherwise, call the crew of the Planet Express. It's owned and operated by the batty Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, manned by a motley gang. Just be prepared for detours including mutinies, extraterrestrial encounters and invaders hell-bent on New New York's destruction. Don’t forget that Every Thursday is Fry-Day on Comedy Central! An all-new Futurama airs Thursday at 10pm / 9c.

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