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Obama Summer School Now Open

It would appear that our very own President Obama wants to hijack Summer Vacation! This could be bad or good depending on how you look at it. We all know about the statistics that place American kids disadvantage academically with other students around the globe, but we have to consider other cultures and how thy do things differently.

Study after study has concluded a benefit to children who started their school day later and stayed in school longer in the evening. I don’t think we have done enough to decide if just lengthening the school day and year will yield as positive a result.

Obviously the average family today does not participate in the yearly tradition of a “family vacation” and in today’s economic climate who wouldn’t want to save a buck on child care by allowing the school system to imprison the little ones a little longer, but is that really he “white picket fence” dream we want to sell our kids? Even though we might not pack up the wagon and drive cross country I know our family enjoys spending more time together and going on more economical shorter summer adventures.

I think Obama might want to spend a little more time learning how to do his job and little less time figuring out new and inventive ways of indoctrinating our children. It would be nice if the government just butted out of our lives from time to time. If all else fails I suppose there is always Homeschool.


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