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State of the Union Address

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Investment, Investment, Investment...

What comes of this moment...

As a Sudo Liberal Republican/Ultra Conservative Democrat I felt President Obama delivered a very entertaining and somewhat motivational speech for me tonight. I am having one issue though, and that would be the extreme comparison that the speech writer seems to be following the Glenn Beck program as the majority of President Obama's ways to "fix" America Glenn has already challenged America to do with his new e4 program.

I am happy to see President Obama is willing to work on spending and many other goals. Money is on all our minds these days and I am glad he has not just ignored this issue. It seemed President Obama took some responsibility for his part in our debt as well. It also looks as he will not stop government from growing he will slow it down a bit.

I do not think this speech will go down in history as one of the best for President Obama. It was far from a "moment" for him, or the American people, but it was refreshing to see him joking and trying to get along with everyone. It was reassuring to see President Obama trying to bring us together as a nation even if he was not making the best choices for Americas future.

Speaking as an American citizen, nothing more and nothing less, I really hope President Obama is willing to do more then just listen going forward. I want him to learn, not just from his mistakes, but from the mistakes of those who came before us. We are doomed to repeat history if we do not know it and President Obama is the man who seems in need of an education. I would implore the White House to invest first in the education of those who are responsible for our future today so we don't ruin the future for our children tomorrow.

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