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The Poor Solution - Political Opinion

I don't know about you but I am getting a little tired of being told that only people with money matter. I think my opinion matters very much. My vote counts just as much at the ballot box as the one written in with the diamond encrusted pen! I am done not being listened to. I am even more sick of being told by the media that I do not exist. I almost fell down laughing and pee'd my pants when Keith Olbermann announced to the world that the only people at Glenn Beck's 8/28 Restoring Honor Rally were white racists. Have I really become invisible to the democrats? I am not a registered republican and I am not a Tea Party member, although I support many of their causes, but I have been left behind by my party and my voice has been sniffled.

In today's political climate no one can have a conversation anymore. All our words are being stolen, restricted, and censored. No one is allowed an opinion let alone the means to express it. And what would happen if we all chose to ignore the political correctness for a minute and just really talk about the issues that really mattered to us? We might actually figure things out and come up with real solutions that work. The government can't have that though because then there would be no reason for Jon Stewart to play a clip of Glenn Beck as his moment of zen on every other show.

Let's stop worrying about where people are going to sit and start worrying about how we are going to pay our bills. Let's stop inviting Oliver "Daddy" Warbucks to a gourmet dinner to ask for a few pennies and act like a college student and ask for our hand out over the phone or while raiding the fridge at the parents house while doing the laundry. Stop appointing a know-it-all, aka Czar, to oversee a project that someone is already is in charge of. When someone is not doing their job FIRE THEM and hire a new person in their place. Furthermore, give the police force the money they need to do their job in this country and eliminate worthless programs like child protective services that were designed to deconstruct the family unit not keep children safe. Our kids should be able to rely on our police force and not some underpaid college drop out to decide if they are in danger.

The higher ups never listen to those of us who actually have to deal with these crazy programs they create to "help" us. They all assume we are just too stupid to know what we need or want. After all, why would a poor person not want "free" money? As poor people we are stupid and should stay silent, just remain one of the herd. But if they would just listen they would realize that many of the places they throw money around does little to no good. Oh no! Watch out now, one of the herd has an opinion!

There are so many programs that need to be fixed, mended, or done away with I think the government is scared to listen. It is even harder for someone like me who is a registered democrat but considered ultra conservative and bordering on republican. I believe in smaller better functioning government and taxes on churches and non-profits that do not do their part to provide community services. Both sides hate me for at least some of my views. I can still talk to and be friends with people from all walks of life, why can't our polititions do that?

The only way that government is going to change is if the polititions take the time to care about how the programs they play with really work and do not work for the people that vote for them. No one working a $500k a year job knows how applying for food stamps can become a full time job, yet they vote in the guy who wants to add more paperwork to the process. Entitlement programs have their place in this country, but why are they being marketed now to people who do not need them? It makes those people who really need help feel even more worthless and keeps them from even trying to get out of their situation. No one should be made to feel comfortable in their poverty, however they should not be forced by paperwork and red tape to spend each waking moment consumed by it.

I know we are never going to have a poor President. Blame it on the Illuminati New World Order, campaign finance, or overall bigotry it really does not matter the reason. I would love to see a President take the time to hire or consult with a group of poor people who have lived the system. That is really the only way we will ever get ahead.

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