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US, Australia, China and The New World Order

Kevin Rudd and Hillary ClintonThe United States and Australia say they are now working together to tighten security ties and influence the behavior of an increasingly assertive China. Australia is our friend so nothing here should look unusual, so why does it?

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Australian Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said their countries would enhance their military and defense cooperation by expanding joint exercises and the use of each other's training facilities.

On November 19, 1993, at a meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Community (APEC) in Seattle, WA, under the chairmanship of U.S. President Bill Clinton, Australia lost the final remnants of its sovereignty, bringing to an end a nearly 50-year process which began when Australia's governing cabinet agreed to sign the November 19, 1946 Bretton Woods International banking agreement after World War II.

Now Australia is rapidly sliding into Third (or Fourth) World economic status. Since the acceleration of “free trade” agreements in the 1970's, pushed by a succession of socialist governments according to prearranged plans cooked up in Lon­don, Moscow, New York, Washington, and other power centers, Australia's moral, social, political, and economic life has been ruined. If you want to see what the New World Order looks like – or means for your children – look at Australia.

In 1972, the national debt of Australia was $23 billion, with a manageable 9.8% GDP in 1982. But to keep up its high standard of living, the Australian Government borrowed billions of dollars from private banks at high rates of interest, which plunged it into a debt of $225 billion. The interest payments on this huge debt deprived the Government of the money it needed for many of its social programs. This is why the country has now fallen from one of the world's highest standards of living to practically a Third World standard of living.

It all adds up to a debt owed by Australia profoundly greater then that of monetary debt. The bankers have it in their best interests to push China into jumping on board of their ship of chaos. No wonder we are sending a representative over to hold Australia’s hand as they walk themselves to the guillotine.

The Clinton/Rudd (US/Australia) expanded defense relationship has never been fully transparent. Rudd has been quoted as saying, "[we]welcome the United States making greater use of our ports and our training facilities, our test-firing ranges. That has been the case in decades past and will be the case for decades in the future". This sentiment was followed up by both Clinton and Rudd with comments on the importance of a responsible China to regional and global stability.

Global stability, a euphemism for global governance, should alarm those out there awake and looking to stop the ushering in of a New World Order.

"We want to see China's rise be successful, bring benefits to the Chinese people but to take on greater responsibility and a rules-based approach towards all of its neighbors," Clinton said when interviewed by reporters.

It is obvious that China is making a play to be the world’s new superpower. It would be easy for them to overpower other countries waiting in line. It is imperative that the US maintain their status until planned economic collapse can be implemented. Without this the US will not be as easy to control. Also the creation and/or appointment of a new “superpower” could hinder the plans of global governance to spread beyond a centralized location.

China's smaller neighbors have grown steadily concerned about what they perceive as bullying from Beijing as it expands its influence and seeks to assert authority over large swaths of disputed maritime territory. Japan, Vietnam, the Philippines and others have competing claims with China over islands in the East and South China Seas. This is the weakness being targeted by the US/Australian alliance. While with or without the threat of a New World Order China’s aspirations being quelled is not a bad idea the secrecy of the maneuvers involved present a question about what else is being planned.

Clinton claiming to be working with Australia to also diversify sources of rare earth minerals that are key to the global high-tech industry is another alarm bell screaming through the streets. China is the source of about 97 percent of those metals. If you are unaware of the “shortage” of precious metal in this country please look to see how many “cash for gold” commercials and stores are in your area, then reconsider it.

Chinese officials have assured everyone that China would remain a reliable supplier of rare earths, but America has never been known for our tolerance or patience. The greed of the New World Order and the Bankers on it’s board want more then their fair share. The US/Australian alliance has made their masters demands clear, and now it is up to China to comply.

Something is definitely up in this demand on China’s resources. With the outcome of the November elections we are all on the edge of our seats waiting for the ball to drop. This is one of many unusual acts we have been seeing in our government lately, all hidden behind false flag bomb scares and an over advertised sporting season. Will anyone really be surprised if we rub China the wrong way on purpose just to give reason to go in and take what we want? We already do it with oil, after all.

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