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Warnings, Prophecy, and Predictions

Warnings, Prophecy, and Predictions

(This Blog Originally Posted 2011-05-23 05:15)

These events will not happen in any particular order, and may not happen at all, it is up to you to decide the validity of each warning for yourself. I am not a prophet or a spy and I have no definite knowledge of these coming events. If you want to know why you should believe these predictions, my simple answer is you should not! Believe nothing without first doing your own research and this way you will know the truth for yourself. As with most prophecies these ideas will seem almost absurd, that is until they become reality, keep an open mind an remember that the truth has no agenda. If you want to know how I know these things it is because I watch and I listen, try it, it works!

Obama will relieve Biden of his post as VP. He will move Clinton in as Biden's replacement and move Kerry to the position of Secretary of State. This will be how he gains enough votes to take the 2012 elections.

America will declare WAR against Iran using falsified leaked news stories and creative language just as Bush led America into War with Iraq. This will allow Obama to abandon Israel in their time of need without taking responsibility because we will be to "over stretched" in Iran.

A huge Earthquake will hit the US along the New Madrid Fault Line. This MIGHT also cause the continent to "crack", and thus separate creating two, or more, separate land masses.

A major political figure in the world will be eliminated, most likely by the hands of the New World Order Illuminati Elite's, and this tragic event will be exploited to bring America "together" and give up even more of their freedoms. Most likely this will occur in a Plane or Train accident so the focus can be on "safety in travel".

The truth about Barack Obama's birth circumstances, and what it was he paid $2m to hide from the American public, will become mainstream "truths", however no one will concern themselves with these facts because Congress will scurry to change the laws, i.e. The Constitution, to accommodate whatever laws, if any, were broken.

Gas prices will rise above $15 a gallon, and a "new welfare program" will be introduced to help low and mid income families struggling with transportation costs ultimately making them dependent on the government.

A new, nearly undetectable, disease, or strain of an existing disease, will be blamed for random deaths throughout the world. A "vaccine" will be created, but it will kill approximately twenty five percent of the people who decide to get it. A "cure" will be found when the death toll reaches about one million.

Food prices will rise so high that people will flood ER's with malnutrition related illnesses. Food production will slow due to weather conditions and pest infestation also delivery will become almost impossible because of rising fuel costs. Home gardens will die out due to the bugs and radiation clouds poisoning the rain waters. Nutritional needs will have to be met using exclusively GMO food which will not satisfy the required nutritional needs of the population.


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