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Little Deaths Like These…..

Little Deaths Like These…..

You and I woke In different theaters this morning.
Your marquee read "Energy and Desire"
Mine, "Sleep warm and Drowsy."

I did not stir to your hands
But your mouth succeeded where
Your fingers had failed
And my blood ran faster.

We climbed slowly,
Watching each other along the way.
Then, as we neared the end,I became a Marine,
Eyes narrowed against the sun and dust,
Head down under the peppering of bullets,
Crawling forward, slithering forward
Under the barbed wire
On my hairy belly, on your soft belly
My elbows and knees flailed at the sheets
(I remember growling; do they teach that in boot camp?)
And my only casualty was hot knees
From the cotton sheets and polyester friction.
Then I died a slow, delicious death
With my mouth on your shoulder,
A decoration of sorts.

You, in a fast moving Western,
Were riding hard on a pinto pony,
Long hair blowing in the wind.
You were pulling hard on the pony's mane
And you looked deep into the enemy's eyes
Just before being hit in the chest
By a single arrow
Deep, head thrown back
Pulsing neck arched in the early morning light
Eyes swimmingly closed
One single last moan from your mouth
We died together, joyously.

I'm wondering if they give purple hearts
For hot knees
Or little deaths like these.

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