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A Chance to Dine with Obama Now Costs Only $3

Obama Dinner LotteryA Chance to Dine with Obama Now Costs Only $3

On paper, it looks like President Obama may be turning into a cheap date. His re-election campaign is shifting downward the already-low contribution threshold for small donors seeking a chance to have dinner with the president.

The Obama campaign has been offering donors of $5 or more a chance to win a dinner with the president. But today, the campaign sent supporters a message from First Lady Michele Obama lowering the price to donations of $3 or more. (Continue reading this story).

I don't think we should be holding any kind of lottery or sweepstakes in order to gain the chance to have our voices heard by our elected officials. It is offensive. If Obama, or ANY of our Presidential Candidates, want to raise money they should do so honestly and not by holding a contest to see who is willing to buy the most tickets to their night of champagne wishes and caviar dreams. What happened to going out there and shaking hands and kissing babies? What happened to listening to the people, instead of just listening to the people with the money?

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