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Baldwin Talks #Capitalism at #OWS and #ENDtheFED with #WAC

Occupy the FED Occupy Wall Street OWS We are Change WACAlec Baldwin Talks Capitalism at Occupy Wall Street and END the FED with We Are Change  

It is not impossible to get mixed emotions when it comes to Occupy Wall Street. There are a lot of good people with good causes fighting to make America a better place down at these rallies, but many either don't know or don't care that the OWS Movement is a sham. The good people just want to be heard, and no one wants to stifle that. Unfortunately in the midst of the Occupy Chaos it seems the only message getting through is that America is headed for hard times, harder perhaps then she has ever seen before.

A perfect example of how I am torn is when I watch my good friend Luke Rukowski of We Are Change (WAC) protesting to Occupy the Fed / End the Fed (Fed = Federal Reserve). We Are Change is a citizens based grassroots movement working to reveal the truth behind the events of September 11th, 2001. I know many people are scared of the "truthers", but WAC is more about questions and support for the 9/11 families than conspiracy. They are also a nonpartisan independent media organization comprised of patriot journalists working to hold those engaging in activities that do not represent the wishes of “We the People” by asking the hard questions that the Mainstream Media (MSM) refuses to do. While I may not see eye to eye on every view held by Luke Rukowski, or the WAC organization, I love the fact that we have young men and women out there willing to question with boldness and seek the truth.

Occupy the FED Occupy Wall Street OWS We are Change WAC Luke Rudkowski infowarsRecently Luke Rukowski, and I think a few representatives from infowars, confronted Alec Baldwin when he visited the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York City. We Are Change is known for confronting political, celebrity, and other important figures with difficult questions in obscure and unexpected locales in an effort to get real and truthful responses. Sometimes this leads to enlightening results, and other times the outcome is fairly predictable.

Watch the Video of Alec Baldwin confronted by We Are Change (WAC) here and see how you think it went. Remember that Alec Baldwin has just finished giving a speech defending the very institutions the demonstrators are protesting and is now trying to leave. He announced before his speech that he would not be taking any questions.

"You have to have capital markets in this country," Baldwin said. "You can't not have strong capital markets in this country or this country is going to go down the tubes. ... Capitalism is worthwhile and capitalism demands the flow of money. ... You want the banks to do what the banks do."

Ron Paul Revolution Love Occupy the Fed End the FedMany of the people involved in the Occupy the Fed fraction of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations are supporters of Ron Paul. It is obvious that even if Ron Paul does not win the 2012 Presidential Primary and/or Presidential Election at this point that he is a man who's time has come. It is Ron Paul who has brought the issues surrounding the Federal Reserve into the mainstream, and for that he will have a permanent place in history. At one point in the video one of the protesters asks Alec Baldwin to endorse Ron Paul, he however politely declines.

While I haven't made up my mind if I agree with Alec Baldwin on Ron Paul I have to agree with Alec Baldwin when he states that he wants to hear the effects of the abolishment of the Federal Reserve on American society from someone more credible than some guy he just met on the street. Everyone should approach economics with at the very least that much care. I don't think the average person really understands the effects of a total transformation of capitalism and yet many people blindly hold signs calling for it like sheep. In the end the answer to most money woes in America is not less capitalism, it's more! Too bad many people will never get the knowledge they really need to understand that. No wonder they want their money back on those student loans.

Occupy the FED Occupy Wall Street OWS We are Change WACWhen it comes down to it you have to remember not to hate the people protesting at these Occupy Movements. Many of these people might be your friends, neighbors, or even your family. I know in many of my articles it seems I am attacking the individuals, but in reality I am talking about groups or large sections of people but then again when many of the demonstrators look in the mirror it hit home so they take it personally. That's okay, nobody's perfect. The focus needs to be on the corruption and lies withing the movement and it's origins now, not the innocent bystanders who think they are on the right side of history. In time they will wake up on their own.

The Mainstream Media has portrayed these protests as being spontaneous and organized by students. This is simply NOT true. We know now that Unions were deeply involved with the planning of Occupy Wall Street. We also know now that OWS is primarily funded by big billionaires like George Soros and his corporations like the Tides Foundation. People can yell, scream, and deny that all they like but at this point they are only lying to themselves. From the beginning the same Radicals and Revolutionaries associated with the violent movements in the 1960's were brought together to lead OWS. Just compare the names of many of the people claiming to be organizers/supporters of OWS to names of people involved in the Weather Underground and you will be astonished.   

With the big money funding this New World Order Carnival of Chaos it can feel like America has no hope of survival. That isn't true! We are coming to a point now where the cameras are leaving, the weather is getting colder, and people want to sleep in a bed again. Eventually all the good people will go home, and all that will be left is the true face of Occupy Wall Street. When that happens we will see violence, vandalism, and hardships unimagined. America is headed toward a revolution, this is well established now, the question is what side of history you want to be on when the dust settles.

One more thing I want to call your attention to before I wrap this up is a disturbing trend in these Occupy Movements is the amount of antisemitism they are breeding. Many good people don't realize it, but they are unknowingly being pulled into a religious conflict but that is where we are now and soon it will move from conflict to full fledged war! Mix that in with Class Warfare and the predicted Race War and all I can suggest is to BUY A GUN!

Luke Rudkowski DJ6ual Pittsburgh G20DISCLOSURE: In an effort to provide full disclosure to my readers I want to let people know that I have worked with We Are Change Pittsburgh in the past, and I have a personal friendship with Luke Rukowski whom I met during the Pittsburgh G-20 Court Hearings. I also want to let my readers know that I am an avid listener of Alex Jones and have participated in infowars events in the past. I am NOT a supporter of Occupy Wall Street in any way. Lastly, I have worked with Mr. Baldwin and many of his family members in the distant past when I was active in stage and film.

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