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If I Were President Transparency Page

 dj6ual for president

If I Were President Transparency Page

Do you vote? Has the voting process become confusing? Do you really know who you are voting for? Have you ever elected a candidate only to regret your choice later? Most candidates, fearing their opponents might use their positions in attack ads, refuse or only respond to a few questions that their consultants stamp as safe. Each candidate is repeatedly confronted with these issue questions but few to none are willing to tell the truth. These cowardly acts seem to apply to all major parties.

The following answers are my own. This is the transparency that I would share if I were running for political office. These are the clear and precise answers I want to hear from the people I give my vote to. Don’t you want our leaders to be this honest too?

 My Position On the Issues

Abortion* Abortion

I do not believe politics should play any role in any person’s health care decisions. I also do not believe it is any one person’s right to decide what is morally permissible for another. For this reason If I Were President no medical issue would be decided in a court room. Medical issues would be decided by the patient, their doctor(s), and the AMA.

* Affirmative Action

I believe that if you own a company or corporation your primary goal should be to turn a profit. It is not in the best interest of any organization to look over a job candidate because of color, race, or personal beliefs and/or affiliations.

* Agricultural Policy

Not a popular viewpoint, I would not allow for people/companies to “patent” seeds. I also would no discourage or outlaw home farming/gardening, even in the city or suburbs. I would support organizations helping people to learn how to grow their own food at home. I would not continue to provide the same types of farm subsidies.

* Animal Rights

No one wants to see any living creature abused. That said I do not believe there is anything wrong with hunting or fishing. I also support medical testing on animals. I do believe that when possible other measures should be used. Hurting or killing issues should never be an option if another path exists. I do not believe Animals are equal to humans but I do believe all living things should be respected.

Campaign Finance* Campaign Finance Reform

All candidates running for political office should be given equal time and ability to reach their voters. For this reason I think TV and Radio debate and commercial time should be given out evenly to all candidates. It should be up to the candidates to choose if they want to use their TV/radio time on debates or running commercials. This should not apply to the major parties only, but to all qualified candidates. Interviews, private party ads, and written literature should not be limited.

* Censorship and the Net

I do not believe in censorship. It is up to the individual to seek out and find all opinions and facts. The internet is one of the only places left where people can speak their mind without fear of repercussions. I believe the government has no right to regulate the internet.

* Church-State Issues

The separation of church and state was not a law enacted to protect the state from the church but to protect the church from the state. The government has no right to interfere with the church however the state should also make decisions based on the good of the people and not their own religious beliefs.

* Climate Change Policy

Climate change is a powerful and potentially fatal issue. It really does not matter if you believe climate change is an environmental problem or a man made problem. All that matters is that we learn how to adapt to the changes and protect ourselves from catastrophe. Giving an equal platform to all ways of thought is the only way to solve this issue. I would provide a platform for all positions to be heard without fear of repercussion.

Clinton* Clinton Administration

While I do not have all the facts I would like to have on this issue I still want to use this issue to express my opinion of presidential misconduct. I believe that regardless of political position or power all elected officials should be held to the same laws that govern our great nation. Whether current in power or previously there all misconduct should be evaluated and prosecuted if necessary.

* Communications Decency Act

While I am not apposed to a labeling system to better assist parents and guardians in making good decisions for what their children should be watching I am apposed to a system that “rates” content based on opinion. Letting parents know that there is nudity or violence is very different then telling parents a movie or program is allowed to be watched by a child of a certain age. I also do not believe we should censor TV or radio programming. The choice to expose children to curse words and/or nudity should be a choice made by parents or guardians and not the government or secret private agencies like the MPAA.

* Conscription

The draft should remain in effect with a few changes. If an individual can prove he or she (that’s right I said SHE) is not eligible for service based on a mental or physical disability they should be exempt from participating. All citizens of the US, this includes women and legal immigrants, should be required to sign up. Also people should be given the option when signing up to express moral objections and based on a review of their reasoning be put on the list of draftees appropriately or not at all. Special exception should also be made for disabled people who still want to serve in whatever manner they are able. This exception should also apply to voluntary military service.

* Death Penalty

I do not believe the death penalty is not an option. That said I do not feel our legal system functions at a great enough fair conviction rate to use lethal punishment. The death penalty should be allowed after we reform our broken legal system to give everyone accused a fair chance in defending themselves. Also the end all decision of implementing such a penalty should be up to the state and not the federal government.

Marijuana* Drug Policy

The war on drugs does not work. All drugs, including those dispensed through prescription, should be legalized. This will lower the price of needed medications for the sick as well as open our jails from becoming overcrowded with non-violent offenders. It is not the responsibility of government to teach kids not to abuse drugs, it is the role of the parent and community.  Pharmacists should be given better training in drug interaction and disability conflicts involving medications of any and all types. 

* Electric Utilities Deregulation

A very unpopular line of thought, I know, but I believe we should move toward state run and funded utilities. All homes and businesses should have free basic utilities funded by state tax dollars. It should be left to the states to decide if solar, nuclear, natural gas, petroleum, coal, wind, or other type of source should provide the services. Allowing people the freedom from a monthly bill to run a business or raise a family would allow for the economy to grow and people to prosper without relying on government funded programs like LIHEAP. While this is not an idea that could be implemented overnight it is an idea that would create government secure jobs and boost the economy.

* Firearms Policy

It is the right of all Americans to own firearms. There should be no laws limiting who or what kind of firearms ANY American can own. Felons and legal immigrants should not be excluded from this right. That said, citizens should only be permitted to own legal firearms and criminals caught with illegal ones should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. American citizens owning guns are not the problem, criminals wielding stolen and/or illegal firearms are the real problem.

* Flag Burning

The Constitution allows for free speech. I do not personally believe our flag should be burned unless it has touched the ground but I would not and will not enact any law that prohibits another person from making a point in this manner.

* Foreign Policy

If America is in a position to help another country I believe it is our responsibility to offer assistance. While that is a true statement another might be that we should tend to our people here at home before lending a hand overseas. Foreign aid should be handled by private organizations and not by government hand out. Some federal funding to assist in these endeavors is fine as long as the majority of funds are coming from donations. Keeping an open line of communication with both our enemies and allies is very important. While we must negotiate the resolution of problems to the best of our ability I do not believe we should be mandated to rules set forth by a third party.

* Gay Rights

Government should stay out of the peoples bedrooms. The issue of Gay Marriage is a decision of the church and not elected officials.

* Government Fraud and Waste

All government spending should be transparent and available for review by all citizens of the United States. If mismanagement of funds arise it should be investigated and dealt with immediately.

Healthcare, Obamacare* Health Care Policy

Efficient and quality health care should be available to all Americans and legally visiting foreigners.  Private health care agencies should still exist for people with the means and/or desire to use such facilities. If the public/private school system is good enough for America the public/private health care system should be as well. No insurance card or RFID chip should be implemented and there should be no death panels. If someone needs a service, and their doctor agrees, it should be provided in a speedy and quality manner.

* Homelessness

To maintain tax free status churches should be required to care for, feed, clothe, and house homeless that need and/or want a hand up. They should not be required to work with people who are violent or do not cooperate with the rules they choose to institute as an exchange for assistance.

* Immigration Reform

If you are born in the United States or migrate here in a legal manner you should be a citizen. If a family comes to America illegally and gives birth, that child should be adopted into a loving family and the child’s parents deported back to their home country. Any and all immigrants willing to work in America should be allowed into the US with a “specialized temporary work visa”. With these permits they would only be permitted to do work available on an approved list of jobs as to not take employment from Americans looking for work for which they are willing and able to do. Employers of such immigrants would be allowed to pay wages to their employees based on a living wage compliant from the country in which they come from and not be subjected to paying the American minimum wage standard.

* Medical Marijuana

See Drug Policy.

* Minimum Wage

The minimum wage should be set and regulated by the state.

* Missile Defense System

It is important for our country to maintain an adequate defense system. I support the arming of our military in any way that will make us stronger.

* National Tobacco Settlement

America was founded on the back of tobacco funding. While truth in disclosure is important bankrupting and taxing a corporation for selling their products is ridiculous. It is not up to the government to police my health just as it is not my right as a citizen to ask the government to interfere with another’s personal choice.

* Race Relations

See Affirmative Action

* Racial Profiling

I do not believe racial profiling makes us any safer. It is just as likely for a man or woman that looks like John Doe down the block to attack us as it is for John Doe from another country to do so. There are too many other options available to us that work better at this time.

* Religious Right

It is the right of all people to practice their beliefs in a manner which does not cause harm to others.

* Social Security Reform

A small portion of Social Security should be privatized. This will protect people from losing all their income if the market crashes, while securing a future for the program as the market flourishes.

NASA* Space Policy

NASA should be funded 50/50 through federal funding and private donation. We should continue to send humans into space for exploration purposes.

* Tax Reform

I believe in a flat tax of sorts. 10% for people and organizations making under 1 million a year. 20% for all others. As usual taxes can be offset by donation and other situations. EIC credit would be extended to include up to 4 dependants including a disabled or non-working spouse.

* Term Limits

Term limits should be implemented and enforced on every type of elected official, including judges. The Supreme Court should also have a term limit of no more then 10 years.

* Trade

Imports and exports should be free and done without additional tariffs or penalties. We should also not trade with countries that do not practice the same policy.

Budget* U.S. Budget

It is not impossible to balance the budget, even in the mess of debt we are in now. Bills sent through congress for vote should be voted on based on the issue and not laden with PORK measures. Any proposal sent before the voters should be worded to reflect the entire intent of the bill and all bills presented before political figures should be rejected if they include non-relevant PORK to the issue itself.

* U.S. War on Drugs

See Drug Policy.

* Weapons Disarmament and Nonproliferation

See Missile Defense System

* Welfare Reform

Non-Profit and Church organizations should be responsible for helping people in need or risk loosing their tax exempt status. Government funded entitlement programs should be accompanied with education and resource referrals. Some cases should only qualify for limited availability of funds and those who need permanent and/or long term benefits should be evaluated quickly and not made to maneuver the system like a full time job. Parents who use the system to gain income based solely on pregnancy or having multiple children should be given basic assistance and education to remove themselves from public assistance.

Let me be clear; I am not running for any kind of political office. This article/blog is solely an opinion piece. I do believe it would be a refreshing change to see all political figures submit a statement like this prior to election time. This is true transparency. If anyone has a question or clarification is needed please post your question(s) in the comments section below. I also want to encourage people to make their own If I Were President Transparency Page and add their link below. Thank you. 


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