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Is President Barack Obama The Antichrist?

Obama Heckled AntichristIs President Barack Obama The Antichrist?

A chaotic scene unfolded when a heckler began shouting during a Los Angeles fundraiser for President Barack Obama at the House of Blues on Monday evening.

The man behind the verbal attack positioned himself in front of the stage and began shouting over Obama’s speech. In response, the president stopped talking, making the man’s comments more than audible. The heckler, who was booed by the crowd, said:

    “The Christian God is the only and only true living God. The creator of heaven and the universe.

    Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is God! Jesus Christ is the son of God!

    “You’re the antichrist!”

The crowd’s response? The well-known “four more years” chant was loudly uttered to block out the man’s religious shouts. Security swiftly responded by throwing the man out of the event. (Continue reading this story).

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