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Media Ignores Days of Rage Violence #takewallstreet #occupywallstreet

Occupy Wall Street Days of RageMedia Ignores Days of Rage Violence

Would you be surprised to learn that the Days of Rage protests to Occupy Wall Street are not only still going on, but they’ve also turned violent? That’s because the national media is completely ignoring the story.

The protesters claim Police Brutality and the NYPD say they were enforcing a law on the books to maintain order in their city. If you ask me the following video shows the NYPD getting a bit out of control, but I feel I might have a different view if the actions before the arrests that were cut out were left in.

Imagine if a Tea Party protest erupted into clashes with police and protesters interfering with arrests? Media Matters would make photos of that eruption their screensaver!

No one is talking about this unless they are online! Okay, the local news in New York covered it, but when will the rest of the media? (Continue reading this story).

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