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Mike Huckabee Chooses Cash Over Politics

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The reality of the situation is that none of the Republican choices are polling very well and Huckabee was never at the top of the roll call so he was most likely smarter then not for pulling out of the race before even getting started. When Huckabee visited us here in Pittsburgh, PA at the top of the month for the Annual NRA Convention we all got a sense that he was not campaigning. For the rest of the world I think the clue came when he allowed the first Republican Debate to pass by without even attempting to validate why he was not really going to be present.

In the end I think Huckabee's decision will work out well for Republican's if Huckabee chooses someone to back and thus convinces his loyal supporters and viewers to follow suit. It is a real opportunity for lesser known candidates like Herman Cain to get his name out there. We will have to see how successful the "Huckabee Bump" will be for contenders moving forward.

Glenn Beck and Huckabee have had a bit of a feud in the past weeks leading up to this announcement as well and that may have played a small part in Huckabee's final decision. Although Beck is leaving FOX there does not seem to be any love loss at the water cooler between these two popular news icons. It will be interesting to see if the fight flares or fizzles with this announcement.


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